Welcome to Oldfields

We believe the best learning happens in a space where students are known, and their voices are celebrated. As an intentionally small all-girls school for students in grades 8-12, we create unique immersive opportunities for you to achieve your goals. The magic of Oldfields is how you feel when you are here—excited and challenged, and at the same time, comfortable and at home. 

Why Oldfields School?
There is so much to love about Oldfields School. From our scenic 140-acre campus to our modern academic building, and top-notch riding facilities, at Oldfields, you will find something for everyone. Our small school creates BIG opportunities. Here, learning means doing. The guidance of trusted teachers and mentors is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. The result is education with a deeper level of personal connection that opens doors (and minds) to bigger and broader opportunities for discovery.
We’re excited to share all there is to love about Oldfields with you!
Schedule a Call We're here to help. If you have questions about Oldfields, the admissions process or want to learn more about how Oldfields is a good fit for your daughter, please feel free to schedule a brief call with Ashley Cares (Admissions Coordinator). Call Admissions at 443-662-1009 or click on the schedule a call the link. If you're ready to apply, Oldfields uses the Standard Online Application (SOA - School Code: 5542).

Are you ready to...

  • Love who you are while discovering who you can become?
  • Develop the confidence that comes from taking risks, continually raising your bar, and surprising yourself at what you can achieve?
  • Belong to a community where kindness and acceptance are intrinsic, everyone feels like family, and your school becomes a home?