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Community Service

Fortezza, Umilitade, e Largo Core (Courage, Humility, and Largeness of Heart) is the motto and guide for all who join the Oldfields community. Our active Community Service Committee embodies these words, impacting lives far beyond campus. It began in the home of our founder, Anna Austen McCulloch, who, upon seeing a need to educate local children (girls in particular) after moving to rural Maryland, opened her home to students. We continue spreading that legacy near and far—from feeding the homeless in Baltimore to tackling period poverty in Thailand. At Oldfields, you can make a difference every day through becoming a conscientious citizen of the world, an engaged community member, and one who uses your gifts and voice to take action and better the lives of others.

What moves you?

We are never more aware of humanity’s connectedness than when we are doing for others. At Oldfields, you will experience weekly opportunities to partner with numerous outside organizations—changing lives for the better, including your own!

Help our four-legged friends through our frequent trips to local animal and rescue shelters including the SPCABARCS, and yes, even Little Longears Minature Donkey Rescue!  The love of animals runs deep in our community and the opportunities to interact (doggy yoga is a real thing!) with them are endless here.

Providing basic needs for the less fortunate is a frequent activity. Regular events at the local Habitat for Humanities Restore, Maryland Foodbank, and Helpers for the Homeless keep us humble and grateful.

Run in a charity race or work the water station—either way it’s a great way to raise funds for causes you care about!

“It felt great  to turn my passion for knitting and crafts into hats for babies in a local NICU. I discovered that I love gifting things more than I like keeping them. Getting my friends involved and seeing the appreciation of the  nurses at the hospital made every second worth it.”- Kasey, Student