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Term II Awards Ceremony
Posted 03/30/2020 10:04AM

see photos from Term II awards

Term II Awards Ceremony

A few days before the Spring Break, we were fortunate to gather in the David Niven Theatre to celebrate the Term II Awards honoring the academic, athletic, artistic, and altruistic achievements of our students. It is an Oldfields tradition to celebrate the whole girl, and the spectrum of these awards does just that.

Director of Academics and Programmatic Affairs Joe Doherty shared that the winter months of Term II are when “we test our perseverance and commitment to being our best selves. This is school at its best. It’s when the teacher invites the students to think critically, challenge pre-existing ideas, and push themselves to a level of greatness not considered possible in those opening months of the school year.”  His words now ring truer than ever.

Congratulations to all the students honored in Term II. You showed determination and tenacity in putting in the extra effort it took to get you to this level of achievement. 

First Honors

Anna Altman ’22
Sophie Brault ’20
Hope Clarke ’23
Abigail Fletcher ’23
Catherine Franklin ’22
Chiya Gibson ’23
Maddy Krupp ’21
Katie Mather ’21
Sophia Mather ’23
Siyue “Laura” Ren ’21
Rebekah Turner ’20
Claire Webne ’20
Ruochun “Rosanne” Yang ’20
Linghao “Lucy” Zhang ’20

Second Honors

Claire Chao ’20
Lily Beall ’24
Ahoefa Nanevi ’20
Jadisha Proano ’22
Peyton Snider ’22
Sabrina Tauboyev ’22
Grace Vernarelli ’20
Yujue “Chloe” Wang ’20
Xiaotian “Valencia” Wei ’20
Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22

Academic Department Awards


The student receiving this award consistently demonstrates curiosity, humility, and drive. She approaches every problem believing it can be solved but can also accept that sometimes uncertainty and not knowing is okay. In addition, this student is as well known for her thoughtfulness and collaboration as her hard work. For that tireless effort, willingness to ask for and receive help, and kind classroom demeanor, the winner of the Term II Science Award is Emily Stollof ’23.

World Languages 
Language is one of the most applicable subjects in school. Acquisition is the accumulative result of repeated and deliberate practice. Interest is the only catalyst to transform the tedious repetition into ever-growing sense of purpose. This student, in spite of her young age, demonstrates exceptional interest in Mandarin and outstanding self-directed study skills. She goes beyond the class expectations and is always eager to explore deeper of the Chinese language and culture. The World Languages Department is proud to present the 2019-2020 Term II award to 艾伊凰,Phoenix Eley ’24.

This student emulates a passion and drive for literature. She devours text and rereads it in order to find deeper meaning and engage her critical thinking. She leads discussions through thought-provoking questions and insights. She welcomes supplementary readings that enhance the study of a novel including additional written analysis. For these reasons, the English Department Award goes to Charlotte Soiefer ’21

To say that she is a quick learner would be an understatement. The amount of effort she put into each analysis deserves multiple rounds of applause. Her structuring of the data is mostly superb. Her discussions of unconscious biases are insightful. The readability of her reports is remarkable. Her visualizations are easy to follow and interpret. Her recommendations for further analysis are reflective and practical. I truly hope that she can continue to pursue data science in college and beyond. It is with great pleasure that the Term II math award is presented to RuochunRosanne” Yang ’20.

Visual Arts
She came into class not knowing what to expect but excited to learn new skills in an unfamiliar medium. At first hesitant, often aggravated and frustrated, she would protest at the impossibility of it all! However, through grit and determination, and many afternoons in the studio after class, this young woman eventually found her center, like the clay she was molding. She grew not only as an artist but also as a person. A perfectionist at heart, she has learned one cannot control everything and that mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen. Her eventual willingness to accept and learn from these setbacks has allowed her to move forward more freely as an artist. Now she readily takes creative risks, can laugh at the failed attempts, and when successful, creates beautifully crafted work, original in design and with great attention to detail. The Term II academic award in Art and congratulations go to Abbie Fletcher ’23.

 Performing Arts
The Term II Performing Arts Award is being given to a young woman who brings an incredible amount of talent, natural instinct, and interest to Introduction to Drama. From improvisation to memorization, this young woman raises the stakes and gives her all. She had an authenticity about her that makes every character she crafts that much more believable. Her energy and love for theatre took her outside of the classroom this season when she stepped in to memorize hundreds of lines in order to play a lead role in our winter production. She crafted a beautiful, believable character in two weeks and embraced every step of the process. I am constantly impressed by her character choices, imagination, and the ease with which she approaches her work in class. It is my honor to give the Performing Arts Award to Ella Ratcliff ’22.

This student started history class clearly hesitant and nervous. She struggled with balancing her work at first, and history did not always come out on top. This student said she did not like history and used to hide from her history classes at her previous school. Now history is one of her favorite classes. She talks about history outside of class and has earnest questions and discussions in class. She has very strong opinions about the Age of Absolute Monarchs in Europe—ask her about them sometime. She is thoroughly engaged, and it is wonderful to see genuine curiosity from a student who was ready to write off history. The History Award goes to Mia Vasco ’23.

Student Life

Outstanding Citizenship Award
The Term II Student Life Award is presented to Claire Webne ’20. Claire is a member of our community in the best sense of the word, jumping in with both feet from the moment she arrived on campus. She brings enthusiasm and a good attitude to the dorm, classroom, and dining hall. Claire helps where she is needed, including taking a lead role with this year’s yearbook. We wish her well next year in college!

 Athletic Awards

 Junior Varsity Basketball
Despite a late start and small numbers, this year’s JV basketball team rose to the occasion, confronting the challenges of learning the game and working together. We made the most of the experience we had on the team and found success. I am so proud to have the chance to work with these young women and learn alongside them. From start to finish, this athlete proved herself as a skilled basketball player. Over the course of the season, she has worked on consistent communication, remaining positive on and off the court, and hustling back on defense. This season's Most Valuable Player is Abbie Fletcher ’23.

Varsity Basketball
The winner of the Coach’s Award led our team in scoring, including five three-pointers en route to our first win of the season. She is one of the best shooters I have ever coached. Her mechanics are good, and she has a very quick release. What is more impressive is how well she defends and rebounds. She also made many effort plays, which gave us extra possessions and ignited our team. As much of a bonus, she was for our team, this season was quite a challenge for her mentally and emotionally. She is good at basketball, but more importantly, he is a really good kid who respects the game and her teammates. I am confident that she will have a great senior season, and I hope that she continues to play in college. This year’s Coach’s Award goes to Maddy Krupp ’21.

The winner of the Most Improved Player Award picked right back up where she left off last season and continued to grow and develop not only as a player but also as a leader. As our only team captain this year, there were challenges, but that never stopped her from working extremely hard. From preseason workouts to our final game she left it all out on the court every time she stepped on it. Most impressive was her confidence as a shooter and overall playmaker. She truly played with fearlessness. She was coachable, hardworking, and unselfish. She will do great things after Oldfields. This year’s Most Improved Player Award goes to Grace Vernarelli ’20.

Indoor Track 
You need a teammate to help keep the momentum when your legs get heavier with each repetition. You need a teammate to believe in a relay team and cheer their loudest even when they are not running on it. You need a teammate to show you that it’s okay to try new things and take chances in front of people. We were lucky enough to have this teammate this year! This athlete may have focused on the 300m this season in practice but her passion became the high jump. The starting height is daunting, and the competitors can be intimidating. Not only did she clear the first height, but she also crushed the second height as well with a PR of 4’2”. For all these reasons and more, the Coach’s Award is presented to Ruochun “Rosanne” Yang ’20. 


The second award goes to the individual who showed up every day with a smile on her face and inevitably would put a smile on the whole team’s faces as well. She started the season with the mantra “one more step” and finished the season accomplished in both running and throwing. From practice to meets, to cheering on her team, and running while laughing, she has been a huge part of the heart and soul of our track team. The “Cranberry Award,” named for her shot-put, is given to Muhan “Angela” Yang ’20. 

During the Winter Sports season, five young ladies walked into the dance studio and gave 100% from the word “go” or in our world “5, 6, 7, 8.” The dancers were challenged with heels choreography, sassy moves, and fast costume changes. These five dancers rocked every rehearsal they had and closed the Winter Dance Concert with a bang. It was a pleasure to work one of these dancers, in particular, this season. In a new leadership position, she did a great job of running rehearsals, giving critiques and spreading enthusiasm even on days when our energy level was running low. She will continue to be a great leader in college. This year’s winter dance Most Valuable Player Award goes to Claire Webne ’20.

Strength and Conditioning
An impressive, focused, stand-out athlete, this student showed her commitment and dedication on a daily basis. She gave her full attention and 100% effort during every workout, even on the most challenging days. She played an important role in our team by being a natural leader. While she was quiet in her leadership, her actions and work ethic spoke for itself. She is a great teammate and role model, always leading by example. She always gave her all and kept a positive attitude while doing it.  She will be missed when she graduates this spring. This Coach’s Award goes to Olivia Davis ’20.


The second Coach’s Award goes to one of our returning fitness athletes, one who demonstrated quality leadership and an unwavering work ethic. This year her focus and dedication to the fitness program were especially impressive. Her work paid off, and she showed significant improvements in all aspects of her fitness. She learned all the exercises and the proper progressions of each. She helped the team stay on track, stay focused, and motivated them to work together and hustle. She has developed the ability to successfully balance all of her responsibilities including academics, college applications and visits, extra circular clubs, social events, and athletics. These characteristics earned her the title of Senior Captain. This Coach’s Award goes to Fern Peva ’20.


No matter what happens, this student has a smile on her face and an encouraging word for her Interscholastic Equestrian Association teammates and fellow riders. She is kind and considerate to the horses and is a joy to have the barn. We are so glad she is an Oldfields Rider. Congratulations to our winter Sportsmanship Award winner, Bryce McNichol ’23. 


Our Most Improved Rider Award goes to a senior who has been working so hard all year. She has ridden more different horses this year than any other of her nearly five years with us. She has been very positive this winter, and we have been so proud of her for her hard work in her lessons. She is doing more than she has ever done. Congratulations to our Most Improved Rider for winter season, Grace Manning ’20.

Winter Theatre’s backstage award goes to a young woman whose positivity under pressure made her an incredible asset to the tech crew. She is someone who loves organization, was eager to jump in and clean the prop room on the first day, and who insisted on washing all of the show’s dishes night after night. She worked to gather props and paint set pieces, encouraged the actors during tough rehearsals, and embraced every step of the creative process. Most remarkably, she learned how to run the light board on her own and did so for all three productions. With a headset on and cue book in front of her, this young woman was so courageous, trying something new, and never doubting her capabilities. She did a beautiful job lighting the show and should be very proud. Our Spotlight Award goes to the lovely Natalie Azarsa ’24.

Our on-stage award goes to a young woman who jumped into the world of the play, the creation of her character, and the expectations for herself as an actor on day one. She wrote a lengthy, detailed, several page back story for her character that truly reflected her commitment to the rehearsal process. She was always asking for critique and genuinely cared about the relationships she formed both on-stage and off. As an actor she made choices, continued to raise the stakes, and celebrated her work on opening night. She was an essential slice of our pie, challenging her fellow cast-mates and pushing herself to new places. The Cast Croquette Award goes to Miss Ariella Beals ’20. 

Our Coach’s Award goes to a student who was open to learning new things and committed to developing a personal yoga practice. This student took advantage of her time in yoga class and made deep connections to how the practice was helping her better manage stress and fatigue in her life. I was continually impressed by this student for her thoughtfulness and commitment. Our Coach’s Award for the winter goes to Tong “Sophie” Liu.

Oldfields has always been excellent at celebrating our girls and we will continue to do so through the spring as we go on this new adventure of being a remote community together! 

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Sparks Glencoe, Maryland 21152

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