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1. Whom should I contact if I have questions about registration (or anything else for that matter!) that are not addressed below?
Over the summer, the Admission team is your main point of contact and will be happy to meet your needs. Just contact us at 410-472-4800 or

Upon your daughters' arrival at Oldfields, she will be assigned an advisor who will be your first point of contact and a direct link between you and the School. You can go to your daughter’s advisor with anything! Each advisor has 3-5 students for whom they act as a surrogate parent, academic coach, and all-around-go-to adult. Activities such as daily advisory and At-Home-Night dinners encourage a wonderfully close relationship between advisees and advisors. And remember, the advisors are there for parents, too!

2. Where do I begin, and when do I need to finish the Oldfields Registration process?
You are at the perfect place to get started right now! The Oldfields Registration page has all the information and links you need to make it happen. Reading the information below before diving in will make the process go even smoother!

Step 1: If you are a new student, The Academic Placement Assessments and the Transcript Release Form should have been emailed to you upon completion of your Enrollment Contract. These items are top priority since the School uses them to create your course of study. Please complete them now.
Step 2: All students and parents need to complete the General Registration Forms and Magnus Health Forms by July 15. If you are enrolling after that date, please complete as quickly as possible. Students will not be allowed to stay on campus in August if the necessary forms are not completed.
Step 3: All Contracts for Additional Services (Riding, Academic Strategies Program, etc.) and the International Student Health Insurance Form are due by August 15.

3. How are roommates assigned? Many factors go into our decision of which girls room together and in what dorm. Completing the Roommate Questionnaire, which is found in the Student Registration Forms is the best way to help us place you in the best situation!

4. When do I need to arrive on campus? Oldfields has staggered arrival times for students:
Wednesday, August 29 - Preseason athletes arrive (mandatory for IAAM Varsity and JV players)
Friday, August 31 - New international students and all seniors arrive.(if not already at preseason)
Sat.-Sun. September 1-2 - Senior leadership training. Required for entire Class of 2019.
Monday, September 3 - All remaining students arrive (9:30-11 AM)
Tuesday, September 4 - Everybody is here! First day of classes.

5. What is preseason, and which athletes must attend?
Preseason is a week not only of team practices, but also includes a lot of team bonding and a ton of fun! Since league rosters are due to IAAM during preseason, and our first games begin on the second day of school, it is extremely important these athletes arrive on August 29. If you signed up for a fall sport listed below, you are required to be on the Oldfields campus for preseason on Monday, August 29th. The first practice will be that afternoon. Dorms will NOT be available to students until Monday, August 29.
• Cross Country
• Field Hockey
• Varsity Tennis
• Volleyball (Varsity and JV)

Riding is an optional preseason for an extra fee. contact with questions.

If you have any other questions or are unsure of the sport for which your daughter signed up, please contact

6. What supplies should I bring for my dorm?
Student rooms in each dormitory are furnished with regular twin beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers, and window shades. Each room also contains closet space and a mirror.
The following is a list of suggested items to maximize your comfort:
Bed Items:
regular twin sheets, blanket(s), pillow(s), comforter or bed covering, waterproof mattress cover
Bath Items:
towels, washcloths, a robe, and personal toiletries
clothes hangers, two laundry baskets, hamper, desk lamp, alarm clock, fan (no air conditioning in the dorms), multiple outlet safety strip, hand vacuum like a Dustbuster, small refrigerator, flashlight with batteries, posters and decorations for walls, tacky tape, first aid kit, water bottle, mug, plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife

No heating elements or candles of any kind are allowed in the dorm!

7. How about school supplies?
Download the shopping list for school supplies >

8. How is tuition paid?
Tuition is billed on or near July 1. Payment may be made in full directly to Oldfields School. If you have any questions you may contact, Mary Katherine Koehler, Assistant to the CFO at 443-662-1012 or via email, For our International students, you may reach out to Mrs. Koehler regarding the available payment methods.

Domestic Students may utilize Tuition Management Systems (1-888-805-9817), referenced in your Enrollment contract, which offers tuition payment plans. Only tuition may be paid through TMS, the technology fee is due with your enrollment deposit and is to be paid directly to Oldfields School.

TMS offers several payment plans and the 9 month option started on May 1 and the 6 month option begins August 1. All payments must remain current with TMS, otherwise your account will be considered delinquent.

9. How does the School debit system work for spending allowance and expenses?
All charges other than tuition and the technology fee are paid out of the funds that are placed by you in your daughter’s Oldfields debit account. You will make deposits into your daughter’s school debit account to cover fees associated with Riding, the Academic Strategies Program, Herky’s School Store, etc. The billing office will send an updated debit account statement on a monthly basis. It is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough cash on hand in the account to cover related expenses that are due each month.

The descriptions below are some of the charges that you may see listed on the student’s debit account statement which is emailed to you at the end of each month. The debit account is meant to be fully funded at all times to support any charges that may occur. Oldfields reserves the right to deny allowance withdrawals or charges due a lack of funds. A worksheet with further details is included in the Registration Forms. Types of debits include:

- money released to your daughter on a weekly basis for her personal spending on or off campus. Her allowance can accrue from one week to the next if she does not withdraw the full weekly amount. The maximum allowed per week is $50.
Herky’s School Store/Unrestricted
- the amount the parent specifies that the student can spend in the School Store for all items. We do not suggest limiting this category since it covers school supplies.
Herky’s School Store/Restricted
- the amount the parent specifies that the student can spend on purchase of food items, drinks, and apparel. Some parents choose to set a monthly limit in this category.
– fees for private music lessons and May Program as well as a few school activities. Most school activities are covered in your comprehensive fee, but occasionally there is an additional fee for a special weekend trip. We do not recommend limiting this area. The girls know in advance if there is a charge for any activity. Music lessons and May Program require a signed contract by the parent before any debits are made.
Riding Program
- All charges for the Riding Program are run through the debit account. A signed contract by the parent is required before any debits are made.
Extraordinary Funds
- used to release money to a student outside of her normal allowance limit. If your daughter requires extra money for a weekend, is participating in a School fundraiser, or needs to reimburse another party, this category will be used along with a notation that states why the money is being released. In most cases this will require parental permission.
– covers testing fees, special apparel such as class t-shirts, and transportation to/from doctor’s appointments, airports, or train stations
Please note that we do require an email from a parent before we release extra money to a student. Limitations in categories such as Allowance or Restricted School Store may be changed at any time by the parent.
For more information, contact Mary Katherine Koehler, Assistant to the Business Manager, at 443-662-1012 or .

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you still have questions. We can’t wait to see you during Opening Week!

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