We Are Oldfields

Winter Program Community Mural

Winter Program 2023 

Students in the Winter Program, Collective Art: Community Mural created a large mural that is now displayed in the hallway of the Rodney Academic Building. After gathering feedback from the Oldfields community, a theme for the mural was selected, "Diversity through kindness and inclusion." There is a description written by the student artists hanging by the mural which provides a brief summary of the artist's inspiration and thought process in designing the mural.

Description of the Diversity through Kindness and Inclusion Mural:

Before our winter program began, a survey regarding possible themes was sent to the entire community. Using the top contenders, we decided on “Diversity Through Kindness and Inclusion.” Our group of artists felt it important to create a piece that loudly declares support for our diverse student body as well as people in the world outside of Oldfields. The background of this mural is made completely of posters and headlines that promote what we as a community believes in. 

In the foreground of this mural, you will find the handprints of each artist who worked on the piece. We used our hands because we wanted to take ownership of the bold messages in the background. The clasping hands in the center represent OS green and white teams, and how ultimately we always come together as one community. The other hands used colors found in the progress pride flag. Many hands are portrayed in a clapping position as if we were at morning meeting, clapping proudly and loudly for every person as they speak.

The focal point of this mural is the quote “We are OS,” with an emphasis on the “we” to show how despite differences, we are bound together harmoniously by this school. We believe that all the aspects of the mural represent our kind community spirit. We hope that everyone who comes across the mural sees a piece of themselves.

Contributing Artists: Autumn Dawn Husband ‘23, Leigh Golumbic ‘23, Nina Weaver ‘24, Sydney Greeley ‘25, Parker Dowling ‘25, Brooklyn Levy ‘25, Galit Madairy ‘25

Program Leaders: Leah Lewman Laird and Melanie Weiskopf