Term II Awards Celebration

On June 1 our community was able to come together on the Rodney Quad to celebrate our Spring 2021 Awards Ceremony. Seeing students gathered on this beautiful sunny day, sitting on picnic blankets, cheering for each other, made it feel like “old times.” After a long year of hybrid, remote, and in-person learning, the community enthusiastically honored the academic and athletic achievements of the students. No member was forgotten in this celebration, as we aired the ceremony live on Zoom for our remote students as well as held cutouts of students who were unable to attend. 

Dr. Jeremy Jernigan, Dean of Academics, opened the academic awards recognizing students that not only had high grades, but also were dedicated, challenged themselves, and persevered throughout the semester. He emphasized that regardless of whether a student received an award or not, they all should be proud of their accomplishments throughout this difficult year and making it to the end. 

At Oldfields, honor roll is recognized at two levels. Second Honors was announced first and included students who earned an average of 93 or above with no grade lower than an 87: 

Anna Altman ’21
Mikayla Alvarez ’24
Liliana “Lily” Beall ’24
Kameron “Kami” Borden ’23
Parker Dowling ’25
Abigail “Abbie” Fletcher ’23
Catherine “Katy” Franklin ’23
Chiya Gibson ’23
Madeline "Maddy" Krupp ’21
Katherine "Kate" Peddicord ’25
Peyton Snider ’22
Emily Stollof ’23
Malini Tolat ’23
Lynne Usanase ’22
Nina Weaver ’24
Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22

Students recognized with First Honors, earning an average of 95 with no grade lower than a 90, included:

LeeAnn Bailey ’24
Kikiloluwa “Kiki” Bejide ’23
Hope Clark ’23
Katherine “Kit” Fisher ’22
Chana Goldstein ’22
Sophia “Sophie” Hyre ’24
Maizah “Maizi” Johnson ’22
Katelyn “Katie” Mather ’21
Sophia Mather ’23
Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
Ella Peddicord ’23

In addition to the honors awards, two academic awards were presented from each department:

English Awards - Maizah “Maizi” Johnson ’22 and Jadisha Proano ’22
Arts Awards - Louise Stein ’22, Emily Stollof ’23, and Malini Tolat '23
History Award - Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
Science Department Awards - Sophia Mather ’23 and Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
Math Awards - Katherine “Kit” Fisher ’22 and Sophia “Sophie” Hyre ’24
World Language Awards - Liliana “Lily” Beall ’24 (Mandarin), Gabrielle “Gabby” Brown ’21 (French), and N’Deye M’Baye ’24 (Spanish)

Gaby Davis, Director of Athletics, presented awards for both badminton and softball. She took a moment to thank all of the individuals who made it possible for students to participate in these sports during a whirlwind year. The awards included:

Badminton - Catherine “Katy” Franklin ’22, Sabrina Tauboyev ’22, Lynne Usanase ’22 and Haoran "Lucy" Zhang ’22
Softball - Michaela Athey ’22, Madilyn “Madi” Geidel ’22, and DJ Jones ’21

Director of Riding Amy Phillips gave the following awards:

Horsemanship Award: Peyton Snider '22
Sportsmanship Award: Lillie Burbulis '22
Breaking Boundaries Award: Leigh Golumbic '23
Great Strides Award: Tori Fischer '25
Weekend Warrior Award: Isabella " Izzy" Griffith '24

Sixteen students were inducted as new members of the National Honor Society. Members were selected by the chapter’s faculty council for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students inducted were:

Anna Altman ’21
Madeline “Maddy” Krupp ’21
Siyue “Laura” Ren ’21
Michaela Athey ’22
Catherine “Katy” Franklin ’22

Maizah “Maizi” Johnson ’22
Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
Jadisha Proano ’22
Peyton Snider ’22
Natalie Susi ’22

Sabrina Tauboyev ’22
Haoran "Lucy" Zhang ’22
Kikiloluwa “Kiki” Bejide ’23 
Hope Clarke ’23
Abigail “Abbie” Fletcher ’23
Chiya Gibson ’23

Mrs. Priscilla Gallup DiGalbo, Chapter Adviser, stated “We are very proud to recognize these outstanding members of our student body. National Honor Society members are chosen for, and then expected to continue, their exemplary contributions to the school and community.” The Oldfields School chapter has been active since 2015. Members serve as role models by maintaining a strong academic record, by embodying the School’s mission and motto, and by being engaged and committed members of many various schools and school-sponsored organizations. Each year chapter members staff a very successful peer-tutoring program as a service to their academic community.

Despite many challenges, and distractions, Oldfields Academic and Athletic Programs kept the students moving forward and engaged and we are proud of each and every student. Congratulations, everyone!