Volunteer Spotlight: Ms. Karen Miller

Karen Miller and Oldfields School are lifelong friends. Regardless of time or circumstance, Karen has come back to serve this community and celebrate the milestones in both her life and Oldfields’ for more than forty years. In her words, “Oldfields is near and dear to my heart.”

Karen joined this community in 1977 as a Spanish teacher and became the first-ever day student bus driver. She recalls the two-hour trip she would take every morning and afternoon to pick up students at their homes and Green Spring Station. From Spanish teacher to Academic Dean, Director of Learning Support to Volunteer Librarian, Karen has given her time and talent as an educator to the students, faculty, and spaces around campus.

A friendly face in the library this year, Karen Miller now volunteers her time designing book displays, helping students find something new to read, and creating library challenges. “If I can get the girls into the library during a challenge then maybe they will stumble upon something they want to read.” To honor April as National Poetry Month she has made a display in the Rodney hallway. And it also happens to be National School Library Month, so she has designed a paper heart display for students and faculty to share what they love most about our light and literature-filled space. 

Karen spends a lot of time at the local public library, leafing through new books and reading the blurbs inside to help her choose what to read next. With it being closed to visitors for over a year now, she considers her time here in the Nevens Library a blessing. A historical fiction fan, Karen has discovered so many wonderful books within the shelves and stacks, and most recently fallen in love with some wonderful young adult novels. 

Karen has been reading since she was a small child and has kept a reading journal for over forty years. “I buy a blank notebook and write down the title, author, and two to three sentences about the book. Sometimes I will even include a note if there is someone I think should read the book. I would say that I average about 50 books a year.”

You can feel the love that Karen has for our School in just a few short moments with her. It’s the magic that so many speak of when they talk about Oldfields. And sitting with her outside of Old House, surrounded by so many trees in bloom, it is no surprise that she chose to have her wedding here! “I was married in Miss Nan’s library and had my reception on Chicken Hill. And in all these years I have only missed one Alumni Weekend.” 

Considering her passions for history, Oldfields, and books, where might we see Karen next on campus? The archives, of course! Karen is very knowledgeable about the history of our School, and organizing our archives has always interested her. “I want to be useful in a place that I love.” Ms. Miller, we can assure you that you are so much more than that. 

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