Alumni Weekend Recap

Dear Oldfields Alumni, Family, and Friends,

How lucky are we? For the first time in three years we were back on campus for an in-person Alumni Weekend! As you can see by the photos on the Oldfields website, we had a wonderful time and turnout. To all of you unable to be with us in person, please know you were missed!

While the photos captured many of the weekend events, let me take the liberty of sharing some of my favorites with you. Everyone made us feel so welcome as we wandered around campus. We had the opportunity to talk with faculty and staff, and students took time out of their busy schedules to let us know what life is like at Oldfields these days. All of the students agreed that Oldfields has given them the confidence to try things they never imagined, something we can all relate to! Heartstrings were tugged when students were asked, “What will you miss the most when you leave Oldfields?” The sweetest answer? “I will miss everything!”

It was a bittersweet but heartening moment when we gathered to celebrate the life of our beloved former teacher and Head of School Hawley Rogers. It felt so good to be able to give Wendy, Randy, Laura, and Paul Rogers many overdue hugs. Those feelings of affection were right in line with former teacher and Head of School Taylor Smith’s beautiful eulogy to Hawley. Please click here to watch a video of Taylor’s words of L-O-V-E. Later that day, we gathered together again at Immanuel Church to read the names and light memorial candles in memory of 34 alumni who have died over the last three years.

Friday night’s Green and White Cocktail Hour was held at Old House, and the evening could not have been more festive. The gathering Saturday night in the George Nevens Library was equally jubilant, as members from individual classes came together as one School. Talking to alumni from classes ranging from Jane Isdale Schaefer, Class of 1952, who was joined by her daughter Greta Schaefer ’84, to powerhouse classes like those of 2010 and 2011, was wonderfully enlightening. It also was a great reminder of how much we Oldfields Girls have in common despite any difference in years.

Other weekend highlights included time at the Barn and the opportunity to “ride” a horse, a toast to retiring faculty member Betsy Isaacs P’05,’08 (after 43 years at Oldfields!), and, of course, dining on the delicious food that put at least 10 pounds on this girl!

Celebrating my 50th reunion with my 1972 classmates was another highlight of the weekend! The numbers don’t really seem to add up to me (yeah, sure!), but here is something number lovers might enjoy…my classmates who started Oldfields as freshmen were born in 1954…and Oldfields has been part of our lives for 54 years!! Hmm…!

The only other thing as wonderful as all the people, is the place itself. From the rumble of the bridge over the Gunpowder, to the wisteria beginning to bloom at Old House, the School has never looked more beautiful or felt more positive. Simply put, it will always feel like home.

I will return to campus in early June to “officially” welcome the Class of 2022 as the newest alumni in our ranks. I am collecting advice to share with our seniors. What do you wish someone had told you as you moved on from Oldfields? I’d love to hear and share your advice! I’ve already received some useful tidbits from the Classes of 2010 and 2011. Drop me a line at

Thank you for being a part of our Oldfields family and for your continued support of this special place!


Lulu Laubenstein '72
President, Oldfields Alumni Association