Together Again at Opening Days!

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Words can’t describe how great it feels to have the classrooms bustling with activity, the quad filled with conversation and laughter, and the lights glowing in the dorm windows once again! What an incredible action-packed opening we have had as the students, new and returning, create and reestablishe connections and embrace life at Oldfields. 

Opening Days kept everyone busy as students participated in a variety of activities such as the Scavenger Hunt on Saturday and Fun Run on Sunday designed to help them get to know the members of their advisory and the rest of the “Oldfields family” better. As you can see by the pictures—it worked! The weather was hot, but the students rose to the occasion, and the water balloon toss, ice cream trucks, and frequent water breaks in the shade helped! A highlight was when Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion led “What’s in a Name,” an artistic session where students created and shared their feelings about their names and what they represent. Believe it or not, by nightfall, it cooled off enough to have s’mores and music around the firepits. 

Monday, August 30, brought a regular school day, with students excited for our new classes such as Women and Gender Studies, Genetics, and Strategies for Academic Success, just to name a few. Returning students helped new students navigate the day and experience traditions like Morning Meeting, Bigs and Littles, and community dinners. Athletes got together to practice with their teams and other students participated in their chosen co-curricular activities, including dance and theatre.  

The long holiday weekend provided some much-deserved downtime, with plenty of optional activities for those who wanted to get off campus for a bit. Students were also treated to free coffee drinks and horseback rides as the barn hosted "Welcome to the Nay-borhood."

 We are off to a fantastic start with a great group of students and can’t wait to see what the rest of the 2020-2022 school year brings!