Oldfields Receives National Recognition on Inauguration Day!

On January 20, Oldfields campus was brimming with hope and excitement as the country watched Kamala Harris take the oath of office as the first Black, South-Asian female Vice President. Alongside Kamala, women were making history on so many levels. Amanda Gorman, the youngest female inaugural poet, captivated our community and country with her words, power, and poise. 

As usual, our social media posts reflected the daily activities, which on Inauguration Day, included a picture of enthralled students gathered around a television in the Nevens Library watching the momentous occasion with the caption “As we watch history being made on so many levels at today’s inauguration, we celebrate the empowerment of women, by women.” The National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS) must have liked our post, as they reshared it in their Member Spotlight, which then, in turn, was shared by NBC News in a story about all-girls schools celebrating the first female Vice President.

Thank you to NCGS for championing all-girls education and for the shout-out to Oldfields School, where we have been celebrating young women for over 150 years. Read more about how this day will impact girls for decades to come in NCGS's  article, She Did, You Can,You Will

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