Meet Science Teacher Michelle Goodrich

Michelle Goodrich is already an integral part of Oldfields science department, teaching chemistry, anatomy, physiology and genetics. She enjoys saying “yes” to new opportunities and encourages her students to do the same. A native of Baltimore, Michelle pursued her undergraduate and graduate studies at Washington College and Towson University. While at Towson, she had the opportunity to join a program at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Cytology. Completing her post batchelor’s degree in cytopathology, she began a career as an applied scientist. Michelle worked in hospital as a diagnostician focusing on the bio-chemistry of cancer. Although Michelle enjoyed this work, she knew in her heart that her real passion was teaching. She is most excited by the lightbulb moment when “you see the student understand what they thought they could not” and the confidence that moment brings for future learning.That connection between student and teacher is Michelle’s greatest joy. Michelle has taught as an adjunct professor of chemistry and biology at a local college, and in 2016 began teaching high school science in a small private school. She then went on to teach AP Chemistry and AP Biology for John Hopkins CTY (Center for Talented Youth) at the same time she taught senior electives for Roland Park Country School. 

Michelle quickly jumped in to boarding school life as a dorm parent and enjoys doing weekend activities with the students as she strongly believes that learning happens beyond the classroom. Michelle believes life at Oldfields is the combination of the best things life has to offer: family, community, academics, and fun! She has been a competitive, and recreational horseback rider for most of her life, spending most afternoons, like some of the students here, at the barn. Michelle and her two daughters currently care for ten horses, a pig, two cats, and a dog.