Letter to the Oldfields Community from Taylor Smith - Chair of the Board of Trustees

July 18, 2023

Dear Oldfields Community,

I want to introduce myself as the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Oldfields School. 

I have served at Oldfields three times in the past: 

In 1970 my wife and I joined the school as dorm parents and staff; I taught history and anthropology, and my wife was the school nurse.  I left the school in 1975 to pursue a career in business, which only lasted one year.

In 1976 my mentor, Hawley Rogers, became the Head of School and asked me to return as his assistant.  The school was under pressure due to the oil crisis, and enrollment had declined to 90 boarders and no day students.  When I left in 1988 to become the Head of School at York Country Day, we were a thriving school with 190 day and boarding students. Between 1988 and 2008, I led York Country Day in Pennsylvania and served as the Director of College Counseling and Principal at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville.

In 2007, Oldfields called again, and I served as Head of School from 2008 – 2013.  

I am honored to return as Interim Chair of the Board of Trustees.  I bring institutional knowledge, passion for the school, strong academic acumen, and determination to see each student succeed.

A new Board means a new start. Our team has been tirelessly working to exceed your expectations while still being realistic in our goals. We are now interviewing staff and searching for a Head of School. We have heard from many students who are excited to come back to Oldfields. Due to contracts that have been signed with other schools, many students are unable to return to Oldfields so we will be aggressively marketing to potential families and getting the word out about our amazing school. Even if we have very few students in the fall semester, we have a strategic plan that will result in continual and smart growth.

What will the new year look like? Small class sizes, individualized learning, and new programs geared towards personal growth. The riding program will remain as it has been, with a full staff and Oldfields horses. Other extracurricular activities will be provided based on the enrolled students interests and talents.

We have received more than sufficient pledges for the first year and are launching a robust campaign to assure the long-term health of Oldfields.  We are confident that we have the strategic plan and the development wherewithal to stabilize and grow the school.

Together we will build a strong, robust school that will not only make the Oldfields community proud but will continue to welcome young women and provide them with the foundation needed for individual success for the foreseeable future.


Taylor Smith

Interim Chair of the Board of Trustees