The Many Hats of Mrs. Thompson!

The Many Hats of Mrs. Thompson!

by Erin Wallace

Mrs. Thompson

From her corner office on the first floor of Rodney Academic Building, Mrs. Thompson greets both students and faculty each day. She refers to her office as the “science wing snack stop”  since girls frequent her office often during the mid-morning break. Mrs. Thompson loves the feel of a community like Oldfields—one where you support one another as neighbors and individuals.

Mrs. Thompson attended a small magnet high school in Hartford, Connecticut ,and was a film major at Penn State, studying pre-production. After college, she worked in finance, social media, and marketing. Bringing her range of experiences to Oldfields, she is truly a “Jill of all trades.” Her days are spent maintaining class attendance, working with the college counseling office, managing student records, and occasionally coaching soccer practice or leading an afternoon meditation. Mrs. Thompson is warm and approachable, attracting students to her office for advice and a quick chat. Faculty appreciate her punctuality and professionalism.

In her second year working for the school, Mrs. Thompson moved on campus with her husband, Jordan, and sweet dog, Nico. As a dorm parent, she has spent this year getting to know our girls through dorm decorating events, weekend activities, and late night chats in Jane House. Mrs. Thompson is teaching herself to bake, and her chocolate chip banana bread muffins were a hit with the girls. She does warn you though that she’s a bit of a hazard in the kitchen and has burnt her fair share of baked goods! 

Mrs. Thompson is also a member of Oldfields’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board Committee. She attended the NAIS PoCC (People of Color Conference), a national conference that features seminars, master classes, and workshops centered around equity and justice in independent schools. “The conference emphasized the need to enact change and to reflect on your own individual work. A worshop titled Social Justice Summit: Waking Up NAIS Schools was a powerful session where we heard the stories and lessons of various scholars, educators, and activists. The PoCC has given me the tools to continue my individual work and to become more than just a voice at my own school.”

Where do you find Mrs. Thompson when she isn’t working? She loves picnicking with her family on the soccer fields during sunset or curling up on the library sofa to work or read. Always willing to help a colleague or student, no matter the task, we are thrilled to have such a vibrant and thoughtful addition to our campus and community.