Green and White Night—Connecting Through Tradition

Let the competition begin!

Our beloved Oldfields tradition, Green and White Night, was held this year on a perfect, crisp September evening. Like always, returning students adorned themselves in bright team colors and costumes and decorated the venue with streamers, balloons, and posters, while new students and faculty practiced the School song and studied Oldfields’ history in anticipation of the ceremony. Everyone gathered on the Commons Lawn for the first full-community dinner of the year to kick off the evening. 

Traditionally, Green and White Night has been held in the gymnasium, but this year to provide more space, the event was moved to the Indoor Riding Arena. Rivaling chalk art and festive tiki torches led the way up the hill, and the ceremony of song, cheer, and community felt electric. Athletic Director Gaby Davis along with our Mascots and Spirits shared the good news with each new girl as to what team they were going to be on for their years at Oldfields and beyond! They were all smiles as the anticipated question of “Tiger or Dragon” had been finally answered. When the Taharka Bros. ice cream truck made a grand entrance after the ceremony the real question became “mint chocolate chip or cookie dough”? 

After nearly four weeks together, this night marks the moment when we are finally linked together in tradition, spirit, and heart—we are all Oldfields girls.