Celebrating Academic Awards and More!

The spirit of Oldfields was in the air at the Fall 2020 Awards Ceremony on February 15 as students spread out across the gymnasium floor waving green and white pom poms.  The celebration had been delayed for a variety of reasons, but that did not diminish the enthusiasm as we finally gathered to honor the academic and athletic achievements of the students. Everyone was included, as remote students and faculty joined via Zoom. Faculty children held up cardboard headshots of the students who couldn’t be present to receive their award. Since we were in a celebratory mood, we took the opportunity to hold our mid-year Green and White Ceremony as well, welcoming our 12 new students to their respective teams. Having so many of us together in the same space felt both familiar and wonderful!

Dr. Jeremy Jernigan, Dean of Academics, opened the academic awards recognizing that the students' accomplishments being awarded today were not simply for high performance, but also for curiosity, dedication, and hard work. This year, more than ever, they should feel proud that they are here, committed to learning, and making the best of an extremely challenging year.

The recipients of the fall honor roll were recognized first, in two levels. Students recognized for First Honors, earning an average of 95 or above with no grade below 90, included:

  • Liliana “Lily” Beall ’24
  • Hope Clarke ’23 
  • Maizah “Maizi” Johnson ’22
  • Olivia Kehoe ’22
  • Katelyn “Katie” Mather ’21 
  • Sophia Mather ’23 
  • Catherine “Catie” Roback ’21 
  • Peyton Snider ’22 
  • Emily Stollof ’23

Students recognized with Second Honors, earning an average of 93 with no grade below an 87, included:

  • Mikayla Alvarez ’24
  • LeeAnn Bailey ’24
  • Kikiloluwa “Kiki” Bejide ’23 
  • Abigail “Abbie” Fletcher ’23
  • Catherine “Katy” Franklin ’22 
  • Chiya Gibson ’23 
  • Madeline “Maddy” Krupp ’21
  • Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
  • Siyue “Laura” Ren ’21 
  • Charlotte Soiefer ’21
  • Natalie Susi ’22
  • Malini Tolat ’23 
  • Lynne Usanase ’22
  • Mia Vasco ’23 
  • Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22

In addition, two academic awards were presented from each department. As always, everyone’s favorite part is the personalized citations from our faculty as they reflect the outstanding work of our students. History teacher Kate Wyvill shared words from Amanda Gorman’s poem during President Biden’s Inauguration, reflecting with “This is a critical time in teaching American history--we need to learn about and hear from the voices that are often omitted from ‘the victor’s version.’ ”  Science teacher Taylor Montgomery reminded us that success can be measured in many ways. Success is always doing your best, success is setting concrete goals, and success comes from helping others.  Congratulations to the following students for being selected by their teachers for the departmental awards:

  • Arts Awards - Merritt Connor ’23 (Visual Arts)  and Chiya Gibson ’23 (Performing Arts) 
  • Math Department Awards - LeeAnn Bailey ’24 and Katelyn “Katie” Mather ’21
  • Science Department Awards - Isabelle “Izzy” Griffith ’24 and Vivian Young ’22 
  • English Department Awards - Lillian “Lillie” Burbulis ’22 and Hope Clarke ’23 
  • World Language Awards - Olivia Kehoe ’22 (French) and  Kameron “Kami” Borden ’23 (Spanish) 
  • History Department Awards - Maizah “Maizi” Johnson ’22
    For her second award, Mrs. Littlefield could not select just one student but rather chose to honor everyone in her Multicultural Studies class for the passion, honesty, and respect with which they have approached the material this year. Madeline “Maddy” Krupp ’21, Diana Santos ’21, Nadya Firor ’22, Lillian “Lillie” Burbulis ’22, Peyton Snider ’22, Jadisha Proano ’22. 

Congratulations to all of our scholars! 

With the lack of ability to hold interscholastic sports or our regular co-curricular activities, Director of Athletics Gaby Davis had to get creative with the Athletic Awards. Ms. Davis acknowledged all of the coaches who made afternoon activities a success, despite a very different season. Whether students were walking on the trail, running to achieve their personal best around campus, practicing volleyball skills, or meditating in the library, the goal was to improve physical and mental health. Some students chose to commit to the same activity throughout the fall, honing one particular skill. Others used their afternoons to try as many things as possible. Awards were given to students who stood out on both ends of the spectrum:  

Most Consistent 

  • Parker Dowling ’25 
  • Landyn Gary ’24
  • Madilyn “Madi” Geidel ’22 
  • Cameron Marshall ’24 
  • Katelyn “Katie” Mather ’21 
  • Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
  • Constance “Stancey” Smith ’21 
  • Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22

Most Flexible

  • Mikayla Alvarez ’24
  • Madison Bellamy-Hicks ’25 
  • Cynthia Cardona ’23 
  • Phoenix Eley’24 
  • Mia Vasco’23

Although competitions are not taking place, Riding is the one sport in which the after-school activity is much the same as always. And with 22 riders in the program, the barn continues to be a busy and exciting place. Director of Riding Amy Phillips was proud to present the following awards:  

  • Weekend Warrior - Isabelle “Izzy” Griffith ’24
  • Coaches Award - Brooke Campbell ’23
  • Most Improved Rider - Vivian Young ’22 
  • Grit Award - Charlotte Soiefer ’21

Our mid-year Green and White Ceremony concluded the event, celebrating the addition of 12 new students and two new members of our faculty and staff. New members of our community sang the school song together in unison and were given their color by Director of Athletics Gaby Davis and welcomed by the chants and cheers of their peers. Congratulations to the new members of both the Green Team and the White Team! 

Congratulations to the newest members of the Green Team: 

  • Casey Bateman ’25
  • Hayden Gittings ’25
  • Layla Hall ’22
  • Ms. Alice Leonard 

Congratulations to the newest members of the White Team:

  • Sophia “Sophie” Hyre ’22
  • Brooke McGhee ’24
  • Ella Peddicord ’23
  • Kate Peddicord ’25
  • Hadlee Sutton ’25
  • Nina Weaver ’24
  • Chana Goldstein ’22
  • Ms. Caroline Topper

Traditions like our Academic Awards and Green and White Ceremony are an invaluable part of what connects us as a community.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this celebration of our students possible. From the staff who set up the sound system and chairs to the teachers that thoughtfully considered their award recipients,from the people who baked the chocolate chip cookies to the campus kids who represented the remote students--we are all contributing to give each and every girl the very best Oldfields Experience possible.