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By Director of Marketing and Communications Francesca Troiano

Cecilia Schui ’25 shares her Oldfields story

Have you ever met someone who made an impact on your life even though you’ve only known them for a short time? The Oldfields community can all agree that international student, Cecilia Schui ’25, made her mark while attending Oldfields School for the fall semester as part of her study abroad experience. Though her time here was short, she didn’t skip a beat in embracing the traditions and magic of Oldfields.

In August 2022, fifteen-year-old Cecilia arrived on campus from Milan, Italy, to begin her sophomore year in both a new country and a new school. Cecilia recalls, “I was excited but also very scared. As an only child, I was a little homesick but after the first two weeks, I found so many friends here!“

Her study abroad experience was a little untraditional as many students at Cecilia’s German-speaking school in Milan, Scuola Germanica di Milano, spend a semester studying abroad at European schools. Cecilia wanted to find a multicultural experience in the United States. After researching several boarding school options, Cecilia knew immediately she had found her home for the semester at Oldfields School.

With a week remaining in her one-semester experience, Cecilia reflected on her time at Oldfields.

Right: Cecilia Schui '25. Left: Celilia's last day with friends (L to R) Kikiloluwa "Kiki" Bejide '23, Mikayla Alvarez '24, Cecilia Schui '25, and Madison Bellamy Hicks '25.

Q. What do you love about Oldfields School?

Oldfields School is a very inclusive, diverse, and open-minded school that provided me with a multicultural, diverse experience with more of a representation of the real world population. It helped me understand different perspectives. I loved the energy of the people on campus and the happy and positive feelings that the people at Oldfields spread. I made so many friends here, and I would love to come back for Graduation. Or they can visit me in Italy someday!

Q. What life skills did you learn at Oldfields School?

Attending school at an English-speaking institution has helped me to practice my English-speaking skills. Having my Oldfields experience allowed me to change my living environment and see everything from another perspective. It really opened my eyes about a lot of things and it made me understand what is really important in life, like having true friends and the importance of compassion and kindness for one another. It helped me to grow more independent and to manage situations on my own. I appreciated the full immersive experience, from learning to do my own laundry to cleaning my room and living with a roommate.

Q. What experiences did you enjoy the most?

I am happy I was able to have the American Experience! I was on the Oldfields volleyball team, and it was fun to travel to games, see different schools, and wear a jersey. I loved going to the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging (DEIJB) Conference. I learned about abortion and gender issues, race discrimination, and how to take action against these injustices. I loved discussing these topics and learning how to be the change in your school community and beyond. I also enjoyed weekend activities and going to places that aren’t in Italy. Overall, I enjoyed meeting some amazing people, who are now the friends I never thought I would have! The people at Oldfields were so welcoming.