Fall Awards Ceremony: Honoring Excellence and Tradition

Fall Awards Ceremony

Honoring Excellence and Tradition 

The faculty and staff at Oldfields have become experts at balancing the necessity of health and safety protocols with the desire to maintain the traditions our students know and love. On January 21, the Fall Awards Ceremony did a great job of doing just that! 

Click here to see photos of the Awards recipients.

Athletic Awards

The ceremony opened with Athletic Director Gaby Davis thanking the coaches and students for staying focused throughout yet another unusual fall season. Regardless of circumstance, our students found a way to shine, which was evident when Carrie Hammond read her tribute for Cecilia Medina '26 as Most Valuable Dancer:

This is young lady is a force to be reckoned with in the dance studio. I knew she had dance training coming into the season, but no one prepared me for the personality that would align with her talent. When I began to work with this dancer I quickly learned she didn’t want to be still, she needed to move. She didn’t want to just go through the motions, she needed to perform. It became evident that she truly felt dance in her heart. She was a pleasure to watch in each rehearsal and our final performance. For all of the joy she exudes not only in class but every time she steps on stage, the Most Valuable Dancer award goes to Cecelia Medina.

Athletic Awards :

  • Most Valuable Dancer - Cecilia Medina ’26
  • Riding Coach’s Award - N’Deye M’Baye ’24
  • Riding Coach’s Award - Brooke Campbell ’23
  • Soccer Coach’s Award - Brianna Ginyard ’22
  • Soccer Most Improved - Landyn Gary ’24
  • Tennis Coach’s Award - Louise Stein ’22
  • Tennis Most Improved - Kikiloluwa  “Kiki” Bejide ’23
  • David Niven Acting Award - Olivia “Gray” Douglass ’23
  • Volleyball Coach’s Award - Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22
  • Volleyball Team Spirit - Ashling O’Callaghan ’24

If you would like to hear all the wonderful tributes, you can view the entire program by clicking here. 

Academic Awards

The Academic Awards were next in the ceremony with Director of Academics Dr. Jeremy Jernigan announcing those scholars who were awarded First and Second Honors listed below: 

First Honors

  • Hope Clarke ’23 
  • Abigail Fletcher ’23
  • Chana Goldstein ’22 
  • Sophia “Sophie” Hyre ’24
  • Maizah “Maizi” Johnson ’22
  • Sophia Mather ’23 
  • Lynne Usanase ’22
  • Nina Weaver ’24

Second Honors

  • Mikayla Alvarez ’24 
  • LeeAnn Bailey ’24 
  • Kikiloluwa “Kiki” Bejide ’23 
  • Katherine “Kit” Fisher ’22 
  • Catherine “Katy” Franklin ’22 
  • Ella Herring ’22 
  • Brooklyn Levy ’25 
  • Hannah Malstrom  ’25 
  • Samantha Moya ’25
  • Katherine “Kate” Peddicord ’25  
  • Peyton Snider ’22 
  • Emily Stollof ’23 

Academic Department Awards

Most would agree, that the highlight of the Oldfields Awards is usually the Academic Departmental Awards in which the recipients are selected by the teacher, not always for high grades, but for the student’s demonstration of exceptional insight, effort, and/or attitude by the student. The heartfelt tributes written by the instructors will often bring a tear to your eye or a cheer from your lips as they explain why this student deserves the honor. Math teacher Betsy Isaacs shares her thoughts on Algebra II winner, Nina Weaver 24:

Despite her quiet demeanor and the occasional bouts of self-doubt, it is clear that this young person is an outstanding student of mathematics. She possesses an exemplary work ethic and an innate desire to understand the applications of the material she is studying. She is an active class participant who welcomes the challenge of more rigorous problems, meticulously preparing each assignment and only seeking help as a last resort. I thoroughly enjoy having her in class this year and I am pleased to offer the first semester award in Algebra II, to Nina Weaver.

Join us in celebrating the fall semester’s winners listed below:

Academic Department Awards

  • Visual Arts - Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22
  • Performing Arts - Malini Tolat ’23
  • Academic Strategies: Growth Mindset - Hayden Gittings ’25
  • Academic Strategies: Self-Advocacy - Cate Dayan ’23
  • English - Brooklyn Levy ’25
  • English - Mikayla Alvarez ’24
  • History - Brooke Campbell ’23
  • History - Abigail “Abbie” Fletcher ’23
  • French - Kikiloluwa “Kiki” Bejide ’23
  • Spanish - Shelby Kirk ’26
  • Biology - Brooklyn Levy ’25
  • Chemistry - Alexa Deaner ’22
  • Mathematics - Nina Weaver ’24
  • Mathematics - Amelia Deupree ’25

But wait! We still had some traditions to honor before the students left the theatre. The community welcomed our new students and participated in our mid-year Green and White Ceremony. Congratulations, Sydney Greeley ’25, Sofia Kietjian ’26 on getting your colors!

Next, we had a visit from the Sugar Plum Fairy, Lynne Usanase ’22, who distributed sugar cookies to the audience. In the past, the Sugar Plum Fairy was introduced at the Holiday Dinner which we could not hold this year due to COVID-19 protocols. This honor is bestowed upon a  senior who is kind, positively influences the School from behind the scenes with a positive attitude, has a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and has an overall commitment to excellence throughout the community. Congratulations, Lynne, on being the 50th Oldfields Sugar Plum Fairy! 

Finally, the excitement was high at the end of the ceremony as the students were sent on a hunt for not one, but two, Thing-a-ma-bobs! The first was quickly found by the Green Team in the Jungle. The second is still out there. 

Thank you to all who participated in the Fall Awards. We are truly proud of each and every student at Oldfields and what they have accomplished during this unusual fall semester.