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By Director of Alumni Programs Laura Lee Brown

Meredith Goldstein Marx '97 P'25, '25 Radio Personality, Podcaster


Can you give a brief description of what you do?

I have been a radio personality for 23 years. From traffic to news to sidekick to jock, I’ve done it all. In 2020, I launched my own radio show called “The Yacht Club with Meredith Marx.” Since that time I have built a national audience with listeners across the country including California, Florida, Texas, New York, Alaska, and more. It’s a show that takes you back to the 70s and 80s to those “feel good days,” and it airs Sundays 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. ET on WNAV out of Annapolis.

In 2017 I launched my Podcast, “Backstage Pass with Meredith Marx,” during which I interview globally-known artists such as Michael McDonald, Peter Cetera, Lita Ford, Frankie Valli, the Beach Boys, the Steve Miller Band. It gives people a glimpse of life on the road and backstage, the history of songs, and more!

What is your proudest accomplishment, personal, or professional?

Personally, my proudest accomplishment is my twin daughters, Casey and Parker, who were IVF preemie babies and now are members of the class of 2025 at Oldfields! #Legacy!! They are such amazing girls and just love our School. They are exactly where they belong and work hard every day. So, so proud!

Professionally, I am proudest of my shows. It takes time, creativity, and hard work to create shows. I had these visions, and bringing them to life for people to enjoy makes me smile big time! I would get messages during the pandemic from listeners saying that my show saved them and brought them joy in a time of uncertainty and chaos. Doesn’t get any better than that!

What did you learn at Oldfields that you still use in your life today?

Oldfields taught me to be accepting, kind, and thoughtful towards others, which is something I carry with me daily. This amazing school instilled a great sisterhood in all of us, and to this day I feel that sisterhood on social media and at reunions. Once an OS sister, that’s for life! We all support each other and that is a special bond and gift that not every school has. Our alums are quite awesome. Our teachers, past and present, remain an important part of our lives!

Plus, I met my best friend at Oldfields 28 years ago! Shari Weisman Kirk ‘98 and I found each other on this campus and have never left each other's side. Now, her daughter Shelby is in the class of 2026 at Oldfields. It’s incredible having our three girls experience School together just the way their moms did. So special.

What do you miss most about Oldfields? 

I miss those 90s days, but I am so, so very lucky that I don’t have to “miss OS” since I drive onto the campus daily and am involved in the Oldfields Parent Association for Casey and Parker’s years here.

It is nice to see traditions upheld and new ones created. Oldfields encourages and embraces each girl's authentic self. It’s really nice to see the current student body walking the halls feeling accepted, nurtured, and loved, as we did. I don’t think that will ever change with this beautiful school. Ask me again in 2025 after the girls graduate. I’m going to shed lots of tears leaving this school. It’s been so wonderful to me and now my children. Thank you, Oldfields. We love you so much.

If you want to check out Meredith on The Yacht Club, go online to WNAV and click listen. Or you can download the iHeartradio app and put in WNAV.