An Interview with Chiya

Meet Chiya! She is a boarding student in her first year at Oldfields and is one of our student ambassadors. In a recent interview, Chiya gives us some insight into what it was like to join the Oldfields community.

Q. You have only been an Oldfields student for half a year, but do you think you have changed since being here?      
I think I have!  My confidence has grown. I used to be really nervous about talking to new people, but I’m less nervous now. I think when you surround yourself with people who are good at something, like talking to new people, it makes it a lot easier. I have lots of role models. 

Q. Who are your "go-to" people at Oldfields? 
There are some teachers I got to know very quickly—Mr. Doherty, my advisor, and Ms. Hammond, my dance teacher. I don’t find them intimidating, and they’re just really easy to talk to. When I got injured during cross country and wasn’t able to dance or run, Ms. Hammond knew how to make me feel better about the whole situation. As for students, I can count on my roommate Mia '23, as well as Claire '20 who is the All-School President. She really does try to get to know everyone! Claire W. '20 is also a great person to turn to when I need to talk. I am going to miss the seniors when they graduate.

Q. Is there a specific class you would recommend to an incoming student? 
I love biology! Specifically, the heredity unit that we worked on in February. I like learning about how different genes and traits are passed on to the next generation. 

Q. Do you have a favorite meal in the dining hall?
Do mozzarella sticks count as a meal? They are…DELICIOUS! 

Q. Where is your favorite place on campus?     
Anywhere outside. I never really spent time outside back home in Delaware, but here it’s just too pretty here to not be outside.

Q. What do you do with your free time?     
Usually, I’m reading a book, or catching up with my friends from home. 

Q. What has been your favorite trip off-campus?
The museums in DC and Baltimore are great, but honestly--Target. Target is just the best.