Pathways Program Announced

Dear Oldfields Family,

Now that we have almost finished our second full week of classes, I am excited to introduce the Oldfields Pathway Program. This program consists of three enrichment initiatives whose purpose is two-fold: to broaden the students’ horizon beyond the traditional curriculum and to establish relationships between our current student body and you. The exchange of knowledge and life experiences between people who have shared the Oldfields experience is invaluable.

The Career Pathway will introduce students to a variety of professions and career possibilities. These bi-monthly sessions will spotlight alumni, past parents and friends of the School who can share the “pathway” to their careers and enlighten the students about traditional and less conventional future lines of work. Students will become informed about a myriad of occupations and that knowledge will help them understand how to harness their strengths and find their callings.

Each semester, The “Pursue Your Passion” Pathway will allow each student to define and engage in an exploration of a particular area of interest, such as beekeeping, the Cold War, running a barn, knitting, renewable energy, coding, or film-making. Under the guidance of a faculty member, students will be paired with an alumni/past parent mentor who currently works or has worked in the chosen field. The mentor will provide first hand experience to help each student structure the inquiry and research in her topic of choice. Additionally,  students will explore opportunities for internships and community involvement. 

Finally, The Practical Pathway will enable students, during quarterly seminar courses, to learn and practice essential life skills in Effective Communication, Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy, and Citizenship and Civic Responsibility. Real-world application as well as hands-on activities will empower our students to be the best versions of themselves as they embark on successful ventures beyond Oldfields.

Our Pathways Program is an exciting opportunity for alumni and parents of Oldfields graduates to share their skills and expertise while engaging directly with current students. Many of you have expressed a willingness to volunteer at Oldfields and this program provides an important  way to do so.  If you are interested in serving as a “Pursue Your Passion” Pathway mentor or as a Career Pathways speaker, please contact Christine Gilmore immediately at and indicate your area of expertise and your availability. We are excited to have a multitude of our extended Oldfields family involved! 

I appreciate each and every way that you have supported me and the School as we carefully and deliberately rebuild, and I look forward to establishing even stronger relationships through our Pathways Program.

With hope and gratitude,

Ansley Smithwick