Dining Services

The McCulloch Commons Dining Hall focuses on fresh, organic, locally sourced, made-from-scratch food to serve a variety of delicious and nutritious meals. Options are available for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and those with food allergies. Don’t see anything you like? The chefs and staff from Flik Dining are more than happy for your suggestions and work with you for any special requirements you may have.

It’s about so much more than food.

Sure, the dining hall is where we eat our meals, but it’s really about the place we come together, to get to know each other, have a meal with our teachers, engage with the faculty kids, have a team meeting, and hang with our friends. You will often find day students coming early for breakfast and staying late for dinner—an activity we encourage!


Weekly events and special banquets add to the Oldfields dining experience and sense of community:

  • Community Lunch - Once a week, the entire school community eats together with groups of students paired with faculty and staff. We slow down, and hang out after the meal is complete. It is not uncommon to see groups playing a game of UNO or sharing a special home-made treat that someone brought in for the occasion.
  • Residential Dinner - Several times a week the on-campus community eats together at assigned tables in order to foster new relationships and stimulate conversation.  Other nights, are “check-in” dinners where students can come and go as they please within the normal dining hours.
  • Special Banquets - The holiday and special events dinners are fine dining at its best!  From the flowers on the tables to the artistic presentation of the food, our students love when they see these special occasions on the calendar!
  • Specialty ethnic meals and celebrity chefs - Flik treats the community to a variety of international meal events, from sushi and poke bowls to Indian curries, you will explore new cuisines right along side some well known celebrity chefs such as Iron Chef, Jet Tila and Food Network Chef Bal Arneson.