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Updated March 2022

Verdi 2

Bay gelding, Warmblood, 16.2 hands

After a successful career as a 1.30m jumper, Verdi 2 is now helping riders learn the ropes of the High Children's Jumper Division and most recently was 3rd in the zone for the Low Childrens Championships. With a wonderful dressage background, a love of cross country schooling, V2 also can walk in and do the Hunters and Equitation Divisions!


Dutch, Warmblood, 16.3 hand

Goose was a 1.30 meter jumper in Europe (known as Gonzales) before coming to the US to be a hunter. We are thrilled to have him in the program. He is lovely to ride, well balanced and a gentleman riding out.

Fesser De Bognar

Hungarian, Warmblood, 16.2 hand

Fez competed successfully in the 1.35 meter jumpers before arriving at OS. He is lovely to ride and a very competitive horse in the jumper division!


Brown gelding, Warmblood, 16 hands

After a fabulous career as a 1.30 m jumper, Rocket is helping our riders learn the ropes of the Children's Jumper Division. He is very well-schooled in dressage, loves cross country, and will go in any ring.

Baloumerang SV

Bay gelding, Warmblood, 16.2 hands

After a diverse career, winning the Five-Year-Old Jumper Finals, the Six-Year-Old Jumper Finals, and then competing in the Junior Hunter Division, we are thrilled to have Boomer here teaching riders who are interested in the hunters and equitation divisions.


Chestnut gelding, Warmblood, 17.1 hands

Chang spent the winter before coming to Oldfields winning the 1.35 Jumper Division in Gulfport. He has found a new career at Oldfields as an equitation horse as well as still competing in the jumpers.

The Watchman

Chestnut gelding, Arabian, 15 hands

Spy had a wonderful career competing in the Arabian World as a hunter. He now jumps around the 2’6, has wonderful dressage training, and is a favorite IEA draw.


Thoroughbred gelding, 16.2 hands

Addy's former life was as a fox hunter as a staff horse. He is very brave to the jumps, loves riding out and is suitable for all levels and rapidly becoming a favorite horse here!

Royal Highland

Bay gelding, Warmblood, 16.1 hands

Theo came to us after competing in the National Derbies and 1.15m Jumpers. He is now competing in the Childrens and Junior Hunter Divisions.


Chestnut gelding, Warmblood, 16.3 hands

Milo has competed in all three rings and loves schooling cross country as well. He will be competing in the Hunter Division as well as starting his eventing career with Oldfields.

Horse jumping a log

Rainy Day

Chestnut mare, Welch Cross, 14.2 hands

Ruby has been a winner in the Children's Pony Division as well as the Large Pony Division.



Black mare, Warmblood, 16.3 hands

Spyder has competed in the Low Hunters and was a popular IHSA draw. She is now competing in eventing as well as the Hunter and Jumper Divisions.

Golden Opportunity

Palomino gelding, Quarter Horse, 15.2 hands

AJ was a ranch horse prior to coming to Oldfields. He is wonderful at riding out and jumps 2’ courses.



Chestnut gelding, Warmblood, 16.2 hands

Raz competed in the Adult Hunter Division. usually in the top of the hack class. Raz is competing in the Children's Hunter Divisions and Equitation Divisions and is a favorite riding out cross country.



Grey gelding, Warmblood, 16.2 hands

Umberto came to Oldfields after a successful run as a Junior Hunter and National Hunter Derby competitor. He now is competing in the Low Children's Hunter Division as well as in dressage shows and is a favorite to school cross country. He won the Silver Stirrup Award given by the USEF to the high-scoring Low Children's Hunter in 2019.

R Mickey Me

Bay gelding, Irish Sport Horse, 16.2 hands

Mickey has competed in the High Children's Jumper Division prior to coming to Oldfields and will continue to be a competitive mount for our riders interested in showing in the Jumper Division.


Bay gelding, Warmblood/TB, 16.3 hands

Chandler has competed in the 3’ Hunter Divisions and 3rd Level Dressage. He now competes in the Low Children's Hunter Division and dressage shows.


Bay gelding, Warmblood, 17.0 hands

Konner has an impressive resume as a 1.30m Jumper, Equitation horse, and event horse. He is now competing in the Equitation and Jumper Divisions as well as being a favorite cross country ride.


Black gelding, Dale Pony, 15.0 hands

Kody has successfully hunted first flight, shown in the Low Jumper Division and is the best out cross country! He is a wonderful jumper!

Little Zoe

Black mare, Welsh Pony, 14.2 hands

LZ competed in the Large Pony, went to Pony Finals numerous times, and now competes in the Children’s Hunter Pony and Low Jumper Divisions and loves eventing.