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community riding lessons

Photo credit: Maryland Equine Imagery

We are thrilled to offer lessons to non-riders in the Oldfields community, as well as additional non-Oldfields associated individuals. Our community lessons are catered to the level and learning style of each participant and are appropriate for riders ages 6+ (including adults) and through the intermediate level. Lessons may include any fun combination of horse care knowledge, mounted games, and skills development with the same goal of creating a confident, well-rounded horse person. Showing and leasing opportunities may be available.

  • Lessons may consist of 1-3 people
  • Lesson size will be determined by riding level, age group, and availability
  • Lessons are one hour, including grooming, tacking, and untacking horse
  • Riders must provide own boots and helmet
  • $70/lesson

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arena rentals

We are delighted to rent our 110' x 200' indoor arena with Eurofelt Prime Footing to the wider equestrian community when it is not being used for clinics and lessons.

  • Arena fee is $25/hour per horse
  • Payment can be made via check on-site using our lockbox
  • All riders must wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet while mounted at all times and sign a waiver on-site prior to mounting
  • Please do not move or re-arrange jumps, standards, fillers, etc. If you must change something, please return it to its original state
  • Please clean up after your horse