About the Riding Program

Intro to Riding Option 

The Introduction to Riding program is designed for the student who would like to explore the sport of riding and the overall equestrian experience, but is unable to fully commit to the Junior Varsity Riding program. Intro riding lessons will be held each Thursday during lunch break. The lessons will include an introduction to horse handling, horse care and basic riding skills. Riders are only able to do this option for up to 2 seasons. Once students have mastered the basic skills in tacking up and riding in an arena, they will need to move up to the JV program. There is a limited number of spaces available (3).

JV Riding Option 

The JV program is designed for riders who enjoy riding but do not have a desire to formally compete. This option allows students to participate in an after-school sport or co-curricular activity. JV riding is open to beginner riders.

  • Riders in the JV program will ride three days each week.  2 lessons per week and 1 practice ride per week. 
  • JV Riding will be offered during extended lunch periods on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons.
  • Riders will have opportunities to have hands-on stable management lessons covering a variety of topics that will include grooming, wrapping, tack cleaning, etc.

Varsity Riding Option

Designed for experienced, competitive riders who are committed to the enhancement of their personal performance and to the growth and success of the Oldfields Riding Program. Varsity riders will ride five days a week, take at least three lessons in a week, and take part in horse shows and clinics. Additional fees apply to all horse shows and clinics. Riders competing at horse shows will be eligible for an Oldfields Varsity Letter. Leasing a school horse or boarding a personal horse on campus automatically qualifies a rider for the Varsity Riding Program. (Lease or ownership is not a requirement of the Varsity Riding Program).

  • Riding will take place during free periods or after school each day. Students in the Varsity program will only lesson with other Varsity students.
  • Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) and American National Riding Commission (ANRC) teams will be chosen from the Varsity riders. 
  • Riders will be required to attend Wednesday morning cross-training workouts (between 8:30am and 9:15 am). These workouts establish a greater foundation in the commitment to being a student athlete.  
  • Varsity riders will meet individually with OS Riding faculty to create riding goals for the season and the year.
  • Varsity riders will be expected to participate in hands-on stable management lessons offered throughout each season.