Arts Concentration Program


Oldfields has always been known for the depth, breadth, and creativity of its arts program, with a significant number of our alumni having fulfilling, successful careers in the arts, both visual and performing. Now the student who is passionate about the arts and interested in pursuing further studies in the arts at the college level can apply to the Arts Concentration Program.  This newly introduced focus is unique in its scope in that it provides the opportunity for not only studio work  but also participation in after school activities, clubs, performances, gallery exhibits, workshops, and other approved arts-focused activities, all of which can be part of your Oldfields experience while at the same time fulfilling the requirements of the program.

The Arts Concentration Program prepares students for a broader understanding of the artist’s role outside the studio while still developing the necessary studio skills for a future career in the arts. In line with Oldfields Mission, the program empowers students to embrace their individual artistic voice while learning to collaborate and inspire change in the world. Audition or portfolio is required for entrance into the program and a yearly review is conducted to continue in the program. An approved capstone project near the end of senior year is a culminating experience and opportunity to share a personal artistic voice with the entire community.

The requirements  of the program include activities such as the completion of four years of approved arts classes,  arts-approved May or Winter Programs (experiential learning programs), participation in weekend experiential learning activities, arts themed community service, and participation in at least one student club and one theater production, dance performance, or gallery exhibition per year in grades 10-12.
To learn more about Oldfields Arts Concentration Program, please contact Arts Department Chair Carrie Hammond at