May Program Offerings

May 15-May 26, 2023

For over 50 years May Program, a two-week experiential learning experience that complements the academic curriculum, has been a hallmark of an Oldfields education. May Program offers a life-changing opportunity for our students. Current students will receive an email with instructions on how to sign-up for your May Program.

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Oldfields School to Québec

Frédéric Bielaszka-Duvernay and Melanie Weiskopf

Students will have a week-long immersive experience of French culture in Québec, where French is the official language. Francophone culture, which arrived with the first French settlers, is still very much alive in the Québec region. Considered the cradle of French civilization in America, Québec is the bastion of the French language on the continent. Sharing many characteristics with French culture, the people of Québec have forged their own identity. They are known for their “joie de vivre,” culinary traditions, and the warm welcome they extend to visitors. The trip will focus on Montréal, the old city of Québec and the attractions near it, the old city of Trois Rivières, the second city founded by French settlers in the province, the Beaupré Coast, and the Ile d’Orléans. Upon their return, students will study with Mr. Bielaszka-Duvernay and Ms. Weiskopf the specific culture, history, and language of the province of Québec and prepare a May Program presentation.

Cost Range: $4,000-$4,500
Deposit: $1,000 due on 
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

Irish Adventures on Horseback

Amy Phillips and Irene Reed

Our program will travel to the Emerald Isle to dive deep into the horse culture that makes up the history of Ireland.  We will aim to have students on horses for hours each day exploring, trekking, and jumping.  The program will require students to be at least intermediate-level riders. The rides will include trails, trotting across scenic vistas, galloping down beaches, and jumping on various cross-country and hunt courses.  On our rides, we will learn Irish folklore, history, songs, and pass by castles!  The program is designed to be an engaging experience that will expose the students to the Irish people, horses, and the landscape that inspired many artists and poets such as W.B. Yeats.

Cost Range: $4,750-$5,000
Deposit: $1,800 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23 

Painting The LandscapE

Leah Laird

The primary goal for this May Program is for students to gain experience and knowledge around the topic of landscape painting. The program will begin with a history and overview of the landscape and its function as a subject of art. Students will be exposed to a variety of artists working in various styles and will have the opportunity to practice making their own landscape paintings in four styles: realism, pointillism, cubism, and impressionism. We will vote as a group to decide which exact locations we will travel to, but options include Annapolis Rock, Catoctin Mountain Park, Calvert Cliffs State Park, Ladew Topiary Gardens, and Harpers Ferry among others.

Cost Range:  $200-$250
Deposit: $75 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

Outdoor Adventure and Survival Skills

Drew Shelton

Take advantage of Maryland’s beautiful woods and spring weather to explore the outdoors, have fun together, and hone your survival skills! Each day will focus on a different necessity (water, shelter, etc.) and involve both indoor and outdoor activities. The best way to learn new skills is to use them, so we will also travel off campus for rock climbing, ropes courses, and camping. If you’ve never been an outdoors person before; no experience or equipment is required. We will learn all the basics on campus and have help every step of the way. Expect to learn new practical skills and to take home some customized gear.

Cost Range: $875-$975
Deposit: $200 due on 2/5/23

Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Dr. Ann Wagner and Mike Wagner

Our conceptions of witchcraft and witches are deeply informed by pop-culture media, literature, and historical representations (whether accurately or inaccurately). During this May Program, students will learn about the ways in which these representations are tied to gender, power, race, and sexuality, among other things, and how we can use them to understand the history and ourselves. Students will engage with literature, film, academic materials/lectures, and popular media throughout the program, which will take place both on campus and on location in Worcester and Salem, MA.

Cost Range: $1,400-$1,600
Deposit: $400 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

The Green Mountain and Granite StateS

Cynthia Krohn

Ever wanted to visit Vermont and New Hampshire? Which is which again? Aren't both of them landlocked? (Hint: both have mountains, but only one has the ocean!) Now's your chance to explore some of the best offerings of the Green Mountain State and the Granite State! We'll hike, look in on some sheep, learn about the production of maple syrup, cheese, and ice cream, take a few college tours, visit local history and art museums, and go tide-pooling in the ocean to round out a two-week journey. Some of the activities will include tours of colleges (University of Vermont, Southern New Hampshire University, and University of New Hampshire), product factory tours (Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, a sugar house, a cheese factory), and other attractions (King Arthur Flour baking class, Kancamagus highway drive, Story Land, the Mount Washington Cog Railway, the Milford drive-in), and tide-pooling at Odiorne Point in New Hampshire.

Cost Range: $2,600-$2,900
Deposit: $750 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

The Story of Us (U.S.)

Maribeth Littlefield

From Washington, D.C. to Baltimore to New York City, we will embark on a journey to learn and celebrate the different cultures and peoples that have made us, sociologically, the most varied and culturally richest population in the world. Through examination of the history of many groups, we will strive to understand their experience when they came to this country, the lives they have built here, and the countless contributions they have made. Not only will we study their history but also their language, customs, food, religion, and other aspects of life that make them unique. This will be done through readings, writing exercises, and journal entries. The girls will be able to experience the rich history of New York City—an epicenter of diversity.  Although this may sound dramatic, if we have a better understanding of the immigrant experience of these cultures and peoples, it can go a long way toward making us a more tolerant, understanding, and kinder nation.

Cost Range: $1,450-$1,600 
Deposit: $600 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23 


Said Lamhaouar

Students will learn about the foundational concepts of robotics as they build and complete tasks using VEX robotics applications. Students may build programs using hands-on robotics tools. Instruction will focus on math and science as related to robotics topics covered during the sessions. Learners will work in teams and make decisions collaboratively. Students will learn through hands-on projects and make changes to improve their designs. To assess their learning, students will be asked questions about the concepts and designs through the duration of the program.

At the end of the project, learners will be given an opportunity to explore what they built for future design modifications or expansions of projects at hand. Most of the project and challenges are designed to be competitive in nature to foster creative thinking and future project enhancements.

Cost Range: $550-$625
Deposit: $150 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

Self Care

Kerrie Husband-McGregor and Kelly Foster

In this program students will learn more about the importance of mental hygiene and self-care through deliberate practice of these important life skills. Students will be immersed in self-awareness and adventure while they soak up the outdoors. Each day provides an opportunity for off-campus activities to release endorphins that cultivate awareness about healthy lifestyles. During our experiential learning opportunities, days incorporate exploring nature, practicing qigong or yoga, preparing nutritious meals, hiking, surfing, and kayaking, as well as engaging in spa activities. Excursions to beautiful places like Assateague Island and two nights in downtown Ocean City are included.

Cost Range: $1,675-$1,800
Deposit: $400 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23

Magic of Music

Mary McQuinn-Vinyard

Oldfields School is excited to collaborate with Stages Music Arts, a state-of-the-art music school and recording studio in Cockeysville, Maryland. They are willing to recreate or customize their signature summer programs to fit the interests of our students. The programming can include, but is not limited to music performance, songwriting and recording, and electronic music creation in a professional production lab. No previous music experience is necessary. Be prepared to have fun and learn a lot! 

Cost Range: $1,150- $1,250
Deposit: $300 due on 2/5/23
Remaining Balance Due: 50% on 3/5/23 and 50% on 4/5/23