May Program Descriptions 2019-2020


The Horse’s Influence ($4,600-$4,900)
Program Leader: Amy Phillips
Come explore two vastly different worlds of the horse and the different ways they are used. The first week will be based at Oldfields’ barn and will focus on the horse as a performance animal and/or a sport horse. The second week we will visit a working cattle ranch in the West and focus on the horse as a working animal. The sport horse is familiar to the students at Oldfields. This program will go in-depth into the different performance disciplines here in Mid-Atlantic including dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing, steeplechase/foxhunting, flat track, and polo.

The second week we will visit a working cattle ranch in the West and focus on the horse as a working animal. The working ranch provides extensive educational opportunities revolving around how working horses are integral to daily life on a working ranch.

France ($3,700-$4,100)
Program Leader: Frederic Bielaszka-DuVernay
Up to ten students and two chaperones will go on a two-week tour through France. The first week will be spent in Paris, where the girls will have an opportunity to walk the historic neighborhood of Marais, visit Sainte-Chapelle, Notre-Dame of Paris, Eiffel Tower, Tomb of Napolean, Musee Rodin, and the Louvre. The students will travel to Montpellier during the second week to spend time with a host family and tour Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The Yucatan Adventure ($2,950-$3,350)
Program Leaders: Gaby Davis and Jeremy Jernigan
The Yucatan Adventure May Program is a 12-day, 11-night program that explores four major cities and towns (Cozumel, Tulum, Valladolid, and Isle Mujeres) in Mexico's Yucatan region. The program will focus on learning about Mexican and Mayan history as well lots of time spent scuba diving and snorkeling. The program also spends two full days providing service to a local community near Tulum and affords an excellent opportunity for students studying Spanish to practice in a native environment. Program participants must be willing to attend pre-trip meetings and complete pre-trip readings, research, assignments, and take a PADI scuba course.

The Need for Speed ($600-$700)
Program Leader: Jude Zhu
The Need for Speed program is an on-campus program that brings an adventurous spirit to physics and math. It captures activities in the sky, on the ground, as well as in the water. There are three themes included in this program: aviation through history, racing through safe driving, and rafting through three states.
The Story of the United States ($2,500-$3,000)
Program Leader: Maribeth Littlefield
Explore Washington, DC, Baltimore, and New York City (the epicenter of diversity!) as we embark on a journey to learn and celebrate the different cultures and peoples that have made us, sociologically, the most varied and culturally rich population in the world. Through examination of the history of many groups, we will strive to understand their experience when they came to this country, the lives they have built here, and the countless contributions they have made. Not only will we study their histories, but also their languages, customs, foods, religions, and other aspects of life that make them unique. If we have a better understanding of the immigrant experience of various cultures and peoples, we will be a more tolerant, understanding, and kind nation.

Stop Motion ($100)
Program Leaders: Mary McQuinn-Vinyard and Rachel Welch
Students who dream of becoming a producer, filmmaker, or editor will love this program. This popular program is designed for students to learn about stop motion and claymation, as well as look into the techniques and style of Tim Burton and Nick Park. This May Program is ideal for all grades and no previous experience is needed except an interest in animation or art!  

Health and Nutrition ($180-$225)
Program Leaders: Michele Harrison and Wienje Jiang
We often hear that “you are what you eat.” Do we really know what to eat for good health and nutrition? In today’s society, we have to take into consideration various food allergies and intolerances along with keeping a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Nutritional excess and deficiency have become serious problems that lead to certain chronic diseases. Many dietary and herbal approaches attempt to balance the body's nutritional well-being. In addition, this program explores alternative therapies such as the mysterious diets and herbs from the East and traditional Chinese medicine. It also analyzes the prevailing dietary styles from the West such as functional medicine and ketogenic lifestyle.

Art of Jewelry ($225-$250)
Program Leader: Dori Reigner
In this two week on campus May program students will master the basic techniques and skills necessary to produce various types of handmade jewelry. In addition to creating a series of bracelets, necklaces, hair ornaments, earrings, and pins, we will study and discuss the history of jewelry as an art form, specifically studying the cultures that pioneered the use of various materials. During the program, students will work with the following materials: ceramic clay, silver wire, beads, cord and leather.


SWEAT Dance Intensive ($650-$750)
Program Leader: Carrie Roemer
This program gives students the opportunity to work with local dance professionals. Classes in various dance styles will be offered such as jazz, hip hop, musical theater, and ballroom. Other topics that are covered are the specific health needs of dancers, how to audition, and careers in dance.
Civil War ($150-$225)
Program Leader: Cynthia Krohn
Living in Maryland affords a unique opportunity to explore the events and battlefields of the Civil War. Students in this program will visit Harpers Ferry, WV, site of John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal; Manassas, VA, site of two major Civil War battles; Antietam, MD, which provided President Lincoln the cover to issue the Emancipation Proclamation; and Gettysburg, PA, site of a turning point in the Civil War.

Competitive and Cooperative Gameplay ($350-$425)
Program Leader: Drew Shelton
Enjoy the thrill of both competing with your fellow students and cooperating with them in a variety of games, puzzles, and challenges throughout the week. We will visit “escape rooms” where you must solve puzzles together in order to break out of a locked room. You will get to learn and play a number of ancient strategy games (chess, mancala, Go, etc.), classic board games (Risk, Clue, Scrabble, etc.), and modern board games (Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Carcassonne, etc.). Some of these games have different layouts every time you play, and others require the players to work together to beat the game itself rather than each other. We will complete scavenger hunts to reveal secrets and surprises hiding in plain sight around you and which require you to solve puzzles to open a locked safe. We will explore how role-playing games, video games, building/construction games, and deception-based games create different group dynamics and require different strategies. We will have live, physical competitions such as laser tag. Students are encouraged to suggest games that others may not have tried before.

Music Industry ($400-$600)
Program Leader: Erin and Bez Wallace
During this May Program students will get a glimpse of the inner workings of making and performing music. Students will learn how to use the Garage Band software to create and compose original songs and musical scores. We will visit a professional recording studio to learn the ins and outs of music recording. We will also attend a live concert and have visiting artists talk with the students about what being in the music industry is really like!
Things to Know Before you Graduate ($70-$100)
Program Leaders: Mary McQuinn-Vinyard
Students will learn useful, yet often overlooked, skills that will help in their future beyond high school. A trip to an area gym to take a course in self-defense is planned. The course could include, but is not limited to, the following: etiquette (interview skills, thank you notes, email/mail etiquette, etc.), finances (education on credit cards, bank accounts, budgets, etc.), cooking (basic food preparation and cooking skills, food safety, etc.), sewing and crafts (how to fix a hem, sew a button, wrap a gift, etc.), automotive skills (changing a tire, jump-starting a car, checking oil, etc.), and CPR/First Aid, if time permits.

Law and Order ($150-$250)
Program Leader: Taylor Montgomery
Throughout the program, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills that will serve the students well whether or not they choose to pursue further study and/or a career in law. Activities seek to focus student attention on the legal profession, the court's system, philosophy and ethics as they apply to the practice of law, investigatory and evidentiary practices in support of law enforcement and the law, constitutional law, government, and the practice of law.


Give A Little; Take a Little...of Baltimore ($300-$400)
Program Leader: Carrie Roemer
THE GIVE A LITTLE: The goal of this May Program will be to give back to the greater Baltimore area in the form of community service to some of our local nonprofits. This program will expose our students to many local charities we support and favorite places we utilize throughout the academic year. Some of these include, Our Daily Bread, Helping Up Mission, MSPCA, MD Soup Kitchen, X4D Dance Center, and many of our local parks including our beloved NCR trail.

THE TAKE A LITTLE: This piece of this program will begin in the afternoons when students will experience Baltimore from the perspective that few see---off the beaten path. These include, but are not limited to, the Reginald F. Lewis Black History Museum, Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Hampden, the Walters Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, Hippodrome Theatre, and hopefully an IMAX movie at the Science Center. Lunch is included along the way!

Space Explorers ($200-$250)
Program Leader: Drew Shelton
Explore the history and science of space exploration, including the earliest pioneers of spaceflight, the moon Landing, modern rocketry, and the future. We will visit the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA, which is part of the Smithsonian and contains many historic spacecraft and aircraft as well as thousands of space-related artifacts. We will study the history of spaceflight and space exploration, including the major NASA missions. We will see documentaries and recreations of major moments in space exploration. On-campus, we will have a series of competitions throughout the week based around actual principles of spaceflight. We will build and launch reusable model rockets. We will design and test heat shields with a propane torch to protect a simulated astronaut from the heat of reentering Earth’s atmosphere. We will design and test lunar landers and rovers and build an accurate model of a future lunar base. After exploring the scale of our solar system and the unique properties of each major planet, we will build, paint, and decorate models of our favorite planets. Expect lots of new information throughout the week and some great space-based souvenirs by the end.
Event Planning ($200-$400)
Program Leader: Erin Wallace
As a young adult, our students will be faced with planning a variety of events such as dinner parties, corporate events, a shower for a mom or bride-to-be, and gatherings of all kinds. This May Program will have students working together and individually to plan several types of special events. Students will be taught the many steps that go into planning an event, incorporate several DIY ideas, and work within a budget. Trips include a visit to an event planning company, a catering company, and a variety of venues.

Wordsmiths at Work ($150-$250)
Program Leader: Rebecca Bloom
This program will explore the aspects of poetry, both written and spoken word. Students will walk through the literary heritage of Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood and see the aspects of influence for many of Baltimore’s writers. Through an investigation of poetic devices, theme options, and effective performance techniques, students will create their own slam poetry about a current issue of importance to them. Students will wander the quirky art of the American Visionary Art Museum for inspiration and workshop their piece at the Charmery. Ultimately, the week will culminate in a mini-poetry slam where students will show off their week of wordsmithing.

Flora and Fauna ($350-$450)
Program Leader: Taylor Montgomery
This program focuses on the importance of educating students to value and be stewards of our planet. Hike through woods of Maryland and learn how to survive on only what you see, learn about and handle live animals, learn about the different worldwide conservation projects underway, and kayak the Susquehanna to observe the nature right here in Maryland! This program will open eyes to the many different opportunities to survive and thrive alongside nature. Finally, students will learn the underlying principles of nature and wildlife and their roles in responsible citizenship.