Learning Support

Our exceptional learning support staff is available to help all students with academic skills and habits including, but not limited to, organizational tips, note-taking strategies, and time management techniques. In addition, a new elective course for 8th and 9th graders, Strategies for Academic Success, has been added to the course catalog to support these critical skills. Other ways we support our students’ success include:

  • Small class size provides students with more access to their teachers and allows for 1:1 check-ins during the class period.
  • Extra Help time provides an hour built into our daily schedule when each faculty member is available to work with students.
  • Evening study hall takes place Sunday through Thursday evenings with different levels of structure based on an individual student’s needs.
  • Peer tutoring is available through the Oldfields National Honor Society.
  • Oldfields Accommodations Plans (OAP) offer a structured guide, based on previous psychoeducational testing, that includes academic accommodations and recommendations for students with learning disabilities. The OAP helps to ensure a student has the necessary supports inside the classroom and complies with the regulations stipulated by Educational Testing Service and ACT.

If a student needs more structured support to unlock their potential, Academic Strategies Program (ASP)* serves as additional support outside the regular classroom for those students needing more one-on-one assistance. The goal of ASP is to strengthen each student’s learning by providing an individualized program that recognizes academic talents while also helping the student to acquire the skills and strategies to become an independent and successful lifelong learner.

*ASP is a fee-based program.

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