Equine Science Concentration

The Equine Science Concentration is for students who are passionate about horse care and horsemanship, interested in studying equine or veterinary science in college, and/or want to work in the horse industry. It combines traditional academic classes with hands-on education in the barn and individualized experiential learning opportunities. While participants are not required to ride, the concentration is designed to complement the riding experience.

Introducing an Equine Science Concentration for High School Students

Emma G. '25 started her own business selling homemade horse treats, cleaning tack, and painting jumps. The Oldfields Equine Science Concentration will further help her achieve her goal of setting up her own equine-related business.

Program Highlights

  • Oldfields School is pleased and excited to offer an Equine Science Concentration for high school students!
  • Students will have the ability to intern and learn from top professionals in the industry.
  • No prior horse knowledge or riding ability is required.

Experiential learning

Students must complete 10 hours of equine-based community service each year and complete one internship during Junior or Senior year. The equine-based community service can also fulfill the school community service requirements.

Community service examples include:

  • Volunteering at a local horse rescue, assisting with a therapeutic riding program, volunteering at a local farm or horse-related store, etc.

Internship examples include:

  • Working student exchange with trainer, interning with equine-related business owner, interning with equine veterinarian, etc.

Program Requirements:

  • Candidates must apply for this program and be approved by involved faculty.
  • Participants must maintain at least an 80% average in all courses. 
  • Participants will complete four years of approved science courses and two years of horsemanship classes.
  • Participants will complete two horsemanship-approved May Programs and two equine-approved Winter Programs.
  • Participants will complete 10 hours of equine-based community service each year.
  • Participants in the program will complete one internship during Junior or Senior year.
  • Participants in the program will complete a pre-approved Senior Capstone Project.
  • For students who haven’t ridden a horse, one season of Introduction to Riding will be required.

Future Course options

  • Biology
  • Foundations of Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology/Equine Anatomy Physiology
  • History of Horse in Sport
  • Grooming to Win
  • Personal Finance
  • Stable Management
  • Project Management

Equine Science Concentration FAQ's


Contact Director of Riding Amy Phillips at PhillipsA@OldfieldsSchool.org