Foundations of Algebra II

This course builds on the skills learned in Algebra I. It will follow the same curriculum as Algebra II, but it is designed for girls who do not intend to take Precalculus the following year.

After a thorough review of the properties of real numbers and some basic algebraic concepts, the class will tackle absolute value equations and inequalities, ultimately allowing the students to make sense of absolute value inequalities as they apply to compound inequalities and word problems. This will be followed by an in-depth study of linear equations and inequalities. Solving systems of equations in two and three variables by substitution or elimination will allow the students to solve problems that model real-life situations. The subsequent study of polynomial and radical expressions and equations will bring the girls to quadratic equations and one of the most important concepts in algebra, factorization. Finding intercepts, zeros, and maximum and minimum points will be important as the students begin to identify and sketch different types of functions. Circles and a brief study of basic trigonometry will complete the course. Emphasis will be placed on the step-by-step process for each concept.

Prerequisites: Algebra I and Geometry