Math and Science

The Oldfields approach to math and science is based on the philosophy that problem-solving in all areas requires students to become logical thinkers. From Elements of Algebra and basic Physical Science to Calculus BC and Honors Physics, students are equipped with the skills necessary to achieve a balance between mathematical structure and the process of creating and testing hypotheses through laboratory experiences. By developing fluency in the language of math and science and reinforcing basic mathematical skills, students develop an understanding and appreciation for fundamental scientific processes while learning to make informed decisions about scientifically related social issues.

Our personalized combination of mathematics and science ensures that every girl with a thirst for knowledge is prepared to pursue the additional challenge and enrichment of courses in technology and engineering. Numerous enrichment opportunities in STEM-related activities such as field trips, May Programs, guest speakers, and special projects are designed to foster our girls’ natural curiosity and further expose them to career paths in the STEM field. The goal is for all to become creative thinkers who can apply their knowledge to real-life problem solving through systemic, measured, and informed analysis and reflection.