World History Honors

This course will prepare students to take the AP World History exam in the spring by investigating major trends and developments in the scholarship of world history. Since the AP exam covers world history from 600 BC to the present, this course will not cover every development in world history during that time. Instead, we will discuss key transformations and movements that have shaped the world as we know it. As well as providing the opportunity to prepare for the themes and questions of the AP Exam, this course will provide interested students a chance to cap off their world history career at Oldfields by providing a much deeper investigation of the content covered in World History I, World History II, and 20th Century History. Students will also spend time honing their comprehension, research, and writing skills as they examine a wide array of primary sources, read the works of noted historians, and research and write their own historical work.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: 20th Century World History and by permission from the Humanities Department Chair

(Offered alternating years, not available in 2020-2021)