Travels, Journeys, and Voyages in Literature

Single Semester Course

In this course, we will focus on how, when, where, and why characters move. From the harrowing trials of the transatlantic slave trade to a brief walk to a neighbor’s home to a flight of the imagination, literature gives us insights about how we move through the world. We will ask “Who has the freedom to move?” “What is the connection between mobility and power?” “How do race, gender, sexual orientation, and class position impact a character’s movements?”. This class will explore travel (both voluntary and forced) in non-fictional accounts, novels, plays, and poetry from the Early Modern period to the present day. This course will be discussion-based, so students are expected to complete the readings with interest, enthusiasm, and a desire to share. Additionally, students should expect to express their ideas about these texts in a variety of written modes, both formal and informal.