The Multicultural Experience in America: Then and Now (Honors)

This elective is designed to take a detailed and honest look at the experience of marginalized groups in America and the multicultural nation the United States has become. We will examine many different ethnic, religious, social, and racial groups, tracing their early history with special emphasis on current issues that face these groups. We live in an American society where issues of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation can be volatile and visceral topics which can polarize groups of people. Our goal in this class is to examine the unique experiences and challenges of various marginalized groups and also to take a crucial step to look beyond our differences. We will examine what Henry Louis Gates, Jr. calls “advancing the human sense of the American possibility, allowing us to strategize how we can live together harmoniously in an increasingly diverse nation.” This Honors class will culminate with a capstone project, allowing students an opportunity to do an in-depth study of a topic of their choice paired with a formal presentation and exhibition.

Prerequisite: US History or Department Chair approval