Modern French Society and Politics Honors

Class is conducted solely in French. This class examines French society and politics nowadays and their place in the European Union. The class studies the enduring nature of ideologies by discussing France's wide political spectrum, that include a far-right party, Le Rassemblement National; the French political and legal institutions, from the President to the mayor of a town, from the Conseil Constitutionnel to the notaire, avoué(e) and juge d’instruction and their effects in everyday life; the advantages and inconveniences of the Brexit for the French economy; the statuses and importance of the Dom-Roms for France’s position in the world as a global power; the relations between France and Israel since 1948; the relations between France and South Africa; race dynamics and diversity in French politics; the importance of environmental issues in French politics; the French educational system; laws and measures against racism, antisemitism, femicides and violence against women in France; economic inequalities; the reasons behind the movement of the gilets jaunes; the crisis of the migrants; the consequences of the COVID- 19 pandemics on French life and economy; and daily life in France. Students study interviews, reportages, investigations, and current newspaper articles such as articles from the French newspapers Le Monde, Le canard enchaîné, Libération, and others. Extensive discussions and reading are expected. Grammar is studied as the need arises, and is taught using a wide variety of activities.

Prerequisite: French 5