Globetrotting: World Literature

Globetrotting: World Literature explores writing from an array of cultures and mediums. Students will read texts by Kwok, Lahiri, Orange, Satrapi, and Shakespeare to understand the connections between literature and culture. Poetry and a compilation of creative nonfiction are used in tandem with the anchor texts. Culture is rooted in history and oral tradition, but students in this course will study how it has continued to evolve through the experiences recorded in the written word.

Employing a variety of writing strategies, students embark on their own writing journey through essays, research, poetry, and other creative pieces to connect with and understand course readings. Students will continue to hone their vocabulary and grammar skills. Throughout this journey, as students prepare to approach the world beyond Oldfields, they will be asked to reflect on what their own culture is and how it is recorded.

School student accounts will be debited at the start of the year for a Membean license.

Offered biannually based on demand. Not offered in 2021-2022.