French II

The class uses materials created by the teacher. It is enhanced through the daily use of SmartBoard technology in all its aspects. Classwork reinforces grammatical structures and pronunciation, as students engage in more complex conversation, and introduces a great amount of new vocabulary and many new grammar topics. Short stories about French history, poems by Prévert and others, video segments and clips in French and shorts movies (Tour Eiffel from Paris, je t’aime) vary the course content and activities. Grammar is studied regularly and is taught using a wide variety of activities, such as conversations, skits, cartoons (La grande évasion des poules; Histoire de jouets 1), comic books (Tintin and Astérix), short excerpts of films, songs, paintings (by painters like Georges De La Tour, Degas, Le Caravage and Monet), games, Internet exercises, and multimedia lessons.

Prerequisite: French I