Finding your Literary Voice Honors

Like the Finding your Literary Voice course, Honors students explore the theme of "search for self", examining how a variety of literary forms illuminate the voice of human experience. Short stories, poems, nonfiction, and informational texts will be used to complement anchor texts. Students make text-to-text connections in order to enhance understanding of literature and its context in literary history. Selections include a Shakespearean comedy, two Greek tragedies, as well as titles encompassing a memoir of urban survival, a quest-adventure, personal sacrifice, and coming-of-age. Creative and analytical writing opportunities allow students to develop their own voice and to demonstrate their learning. Grammar and vocabulary exercises will play a significant and important role in the course. The class studies and practices the kinds of writing that students will encounter in English Language and Composition (honors).

Prerequisite: Recommendation from current English teacher and approval by the Humanities Department Chair

School student accounts will be debited at the start of the year for a Membean license.