AP English Language and Composition

The English Language and Composition (Honors) class prepares students for the academic writing they will do in first-year college composition courses by studying and practicing rhetoric. Skills are developed through the practice of reading, thinking, and writing about varied texts and the rhetorical situations these texts present.

Students work with nonfiction primary and secondary source documents, major works of American literature, as well as essays, poems, and short stories. The study of five literary time periods by major American authors augments understanding of a particular time period, style, or issue. The traditional practice of literary criticism and relevant studies of rhetorical analysis are employed. Selections invite students to enter new worlds and provoke them to evaluate, judge, critique, and argue for or against a writer's ideas. The study of vocabulary, grammar, and usage enrich the course.

Honors students have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of college-level reading comprehension and writing on the AP Language and Composition exam in May. As with other AP courses, additional assignments should be expected over school breaks and vacations.

Prerequisite: Recommendation from current English teacher and approval by the Humanities Department Chair

School student accounts will be debited at the start of the year for a Membean license.

Offered biannually based on demand. Not offered in 2021-2022.