Concepts of Psychology

Concepts of Psychology examines the minds and behavior of humans. The course incorporates case studies, articles, videos, and discussions, as well as traditional classroom lectures, to introduce students to the basic principles of psychology. Students learn theories explaining how the field and humans developed over time and how biology and other factors influence behavior and emotion. Additionally, students gain a basic understanding of mental illness, diagnosis, and methods of therapy.

Class time centers on enriching knowledge introduced in homework assignments. Emphasis is placed on creating connections with the present. Students demonstrate knowledge of readings and discussions through assessments, projects, classroom discussions, and observation of the world around them. Throughout the course, students build and present a media portfolio of their course connections which serves as their midterm and final exams. In addition, students apply knowledge through creating Mental Health Awareness month activities, in partnership with our School Counselor, to utilize on campus during the first two weeks of May

Offered biannually based on demand.