Advanced Publications Design

Advanced Publications Design is a practical course of study in project management & print media production. As an advanced level course, students must have completed the Publications Design course to learn all basic skills and vocabulary. Both courses will be running concurrently. The goal is to produce the annual school yearbook (Rarebit) and literary magazine (Tidbit). As such, it is journalistic in nature, requiring students to learn elements of layout design, basic photography skills, and storytelling. All staffers will write and fit copy, caption, and headlines to showcase and document the Oldfields story. Students in the Advanced Publications Design course will serve as editors-in-chief and be responsible for coordinating the design from their staffers. As part of a team with individual responsibilities, students will learn to identify and manage the resources, people, time, and scope of the projects. This course also examines legal and ethical issues of media and copyright law in conjunction with the necessary steps to publish. Documenting the story of our community holds much power and responsibility; the staff must work together in order to do justice to this task.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Publications Design course and recommendation from Humanities Department Chair