Intermediate and Advanced Ballet


This course is designed to build on the ballet technique and vocabulary learned in Introduction to Dance. Students will expand their movement vocabulary through barre exercises, center work, and combinations across the floor. The class is more detailed and set at a quicker pace than Introduction to Dance. There will also be performance opportunities throughout the year. Students will continue to increase their knowledge of ballet history and focus on famous choreographers and dancers in the ballet world.

Dress requirement: Black leotard, and tights/shoes of dancer's complexion 

Prerequisites: Introduction to Dance or by permission of department chair


This course is designed for the advanced ballet dancer. Most class time will be spent on complex movement combinations at the barre, in the center, and across the floor. In-depth studies of ballet history and vocabulary will continue. Students will be expected to perform throughout the year and to attend one professional concert. Depending on the abilities of the class, students will have an introduction to pointe during the last trimester of the course.

Dress requirement: Black leotard, tights/shoes of dancer's complexion

Prerequisites: Introduction to Dance, Intermediate Ballet, or by permission of department chair