Arts Wheel (8)

Single Semester Course

Dance: In the dance section, students will learn, explore, and develop their understanding of various styles of basic dance technique, history, performance and philosophy. This course is a glimpse into the Introduction to Dance course. Performance in the annual dance concert will be a culmination to this section. A dance leotard and leggings or athletic attire is required. Dance shoes may be purchased by the student, but are not required.

Theater: During the theatre section, students will be introduced to the world of drama through improvisational games, scene work, and ensemble building. This course is an opportunity for students to build their confidence, learn how to be wonderful audience members, and recognize that acting is so much more than memorizing lines! Students will grow as an ensemble while also developing a monologue of their choice to workshop with their peers.

Art: The Visual Arts section exposes the student to basic studio techniques with an introduction to art history, art criticism, and aesthetic appreciation. Within the class structure time is provided for analysis of visual exemplars, discussions, art vocabulary, and studio projects, each of which relate to a specific art historical movement or culture.