Applied Design

Everywhere we go, the media throws pictures at us of things we should buy, places we should live, and clothes we should wear. The purpose of the Applied Design course is to understand the history and the craft behind the design of objects in our world through a hands-on approach.

The first term of this course is devoted to the study of fashion and fabric. Students will study fashion design and the technological advances that have helped this industry grow. To understand the basics of fashion, students will draw original designs and construct a garment from the initial design concept to finished garment. Finally, they will design fabric patterns, painting a silk scarf in a pattern of their choice.

During the second term, students will study decorative arts, exploring furniture design, landscape design, and accessory design. Students will research the changing aesthetics of design beginning with the 1700s. As each era is researched, students will do a myriad of projects exploring each style. This term will culminate in an assignment to decoratively repurpose an object.

The last term will focus on architecture. Students will learn about architectural elements throughout the ages, from columns to posts, and lintels to arches, as well as learn how to read and draw a floor plan. As a final project, students will design a house by melding different styles of architecture to express a unique architectural vision.

Prerequisite: Ceramics I, Studio I, Photo I, or equivalent experience as demonstrated through portfolio submission