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The Academic Strategies Program (ASP) is an integral component of learning support, and its holistic approach reaches far beyond the classroom. Led by our experienced academic coaches, this program provides a variety of options for students requiring additional academic and executive functioning support, from organization and time management to effective reading strategies and self-advocacy skills. Sessions are based on individual student needs with additional instruction and practice of academic habits. ASP helps students to find their academic stride, self-confidence to advocate for themselves in and outside of the classroom, and comfort in using educational tools independently. If a student is not enrolled in ASP, she is welcome to drop in or schedule an appointment with an academic coach at any time throughout the academic day. ASP is student-focused, guided and instructed by academic coaches, and available to all Oldfields girls.

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Strategies for Academic Success

As part of the Academic Strategies Program, Oldfields School offers an elective course for 8th and 9th graders. This semester academic course provides students with a foundation of academic skills and habits that will set them up for success as they move through high school. This course will cover a variety of topics, such as identifying and understanding one’s learning profile, managing and organizing one’s academic responsibilities, and overall executive functioning skills.

Core Experience

  • 1-on-1 instruction with academic coach
  • Personalized support according to each student’s learning profile
  • Sessions seamlessly built into student’s schedule
  • Consistent collaboration and communication with classroom teachers
  • Skill improvement to meet current academic expectations with greater ease and confidence
  • Metacognition development leading to confidence in her voice, proactive mindset, and self-advocacy
  • Detailed communication to parent/guardian about student’s progress

Strategic Instruction

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management techniques
  • Problem-solving methods
  • Memory skills
  • Writing tools
  • Note taking and project outline development

Educational Tools

  • Personalized graphic organizers for ideas, concepts, and notes
  • Effective planner and calendar utilization
  • Strategies for test preparation and essay writing
  • Reading strategies to improve comprehension
  • Individualized study guide creation


  • Encourages students to practice independence, responsibility, and accountability while still having a routine check-in with a coach to work on planning, time and task management, and organization
  • Monthly reports emailed to parents and advisors


  • 1:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Meets one time over a 7-day cycle for a 35-minute session (20x per year)
  • Scheduled during free class period or study hall
  • Cost: $1,470 per year, billed $735 per semester 


  • Provides students with individualized, direct executive functioning skills instruction and practice, while also assisting in homework help/management

  • Scheduled check-ins 1-2 times a week to  encourage students to practice some independence and accountability while still allowing for course correcting on a more consistent basis

  • Semi-monthly reports emailed to parents and advisors 


  • 1:1 student-teacher ratio

  • Meets two times over a 7-day cycle for 35-minute sessions (40x per year)

  • Scheduled during free class period

  • Cost: $2,410 per year, billed $1,205 per semester


  • Provides highly individualized and structured academic support, including intensive executive functioning skills, homework help/management

  • Flexible, needs-based sessions on a very consistent basis to allow students to dive into skill building and to provide more check-points for course correcting as needed

  • Weekly reports emailed to parents and advisors


  • 1:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Meets four times over a 7-day cycle for 35-minute sessions (80x per year)

  • Scheduled during free class period

  • Cost: $4,620 per year, billed $2,310 per semester

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Meet Our Learning Support Team

Kerrie Husband-McGregor

Kerrie Husband-McGregor

Director of Academic Support Programs, Peer Tutoring Advisor, Psychology Teacher
Marghuerita Scott

Marghuerita Scott

Learning Support Specialist