Immerse Yourself in Personalized Learning

The faculty at Oldfields know our students. Our small class sizes, dedicated and caring teachers, and a challenging and flexible curriculum provide each girl with a unique academic path that is aligned with her individual talents and passions. At Oldfields we embrace a personalized learning approach that values each girl for who she is and who she will become.

THE Oldfields Academic Difference

Small School, BIG Opportunity

With under ten students in most classes, every girl is known. All voices are heard. Our small classes provide big opportunities for each girl to contribute and shine in her own way. Our academic program extends well beyond the classroom through experiential learning opportunities such as off campus activities that take advantage of nearby cultural centers and our May Program.

Dedicated and Caring Faculty

At no other time in a young woman’s life will there be so many caring educators invested in her success and who are eager to help her reach her highest potential. Our teachers come from across the country and around the world, bringing diverse perspectives and experiences that develop students who are global citizens.

  • 83% hold advanced degrees
  • 10 years average tenure
  • Over 50% faculty live on campus

Like our students, each faculty member’s uniqueness is celebrated and encouraged. Their bios are a great place to start. Who will be your favorite teacher?

Faculty and Staff Directory

Challenging and Flexible Academic Curriculum

Each girl’s success means crafting an academic path that fits each girl’s interests and challenges her intellect. Our advisors work with each girl, her teachers, and her family to plan out an appropriately challenging and personalized academic path. At Oldfields, we develop capable, confident young women who are prepared to succeed and lead in college and beyond.

Oldfields Curriculum

Oldfields School curriculum is designed to foster intellectual curiosity, academic integrity, and the willingness to take risks. Our students are known, heard, and supported as they push beyond  their comfort zone and find guided discoveries through academic vigor. Oldfields students learn to be critical thinkers, embrace productive failure, and grow into strong, confident scholars.

All courses are subject to change based on level of interest. Additionally, some courses are not offered every year. Please contact Interim Director of Academics Carrie Hammond if you have any questions.

The All-Girls Advantage

Vivian in the Library

Here, girls have taken center stage for over 150 years. Every aspect of Oldfields—from the classroom, to the athletic fields, and especially student leadership—is designed for girls. At a time when so many outside influences define who a girl should be, Oldfields provides a place free from that pressure and distraction—where girls can focus on who they are and what passions they wish to pursue. The result is young women who are filled with confidence, embrace leadership opportunities, and aspire to improve the world as they move on to college and beyond. Nothing could better describe an Oldfields girl.

Girls from single-sex school report:

  • 6 times more likely to consider STEM majors than girls in coed schools
  • 90% feel supported by their all-girl peers as compared with 75% at coed schools
  • 87% feel their opinions are respected compared to 58% at coed schools

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College Counseling

College Acceptance Schools

At Oldfields, we know the college application process can be overwhelming, and that is why we are here to help every step of the way! College counseling is an in-depth, multi-year process which helps each student prepare for and find the college, university, gap year, or post-graduate career path that fits her best. Along with the college counselor, each Oldfields senior takes responsibility for her higher education plan.

Director of College Counseling

Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner

Meet the Academic Team

Carrie Hammond

Carrie Hammond

Interim Dean of Academics, Dance Teacher, Arts Department Chair
Kerrie Husband-McGregor

Kerrie Husband-McGregor

Director of Academic Support Programs, Peer Tutoring Advisor, Psychology Teacher
Marghuerita Scott

Marghuerita Scott

Learning Support Specialist
Mary Kate Thompson

Mary Kate Thompson

Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner

Director of College Counseling