Our intentional approach to Advisory is the foundation for a successful Oldfields experience.

Your advisor is here to help you navigate every aspect of life at Oldfields. They will be one of the first people you meet when you enroll. There is nothing you can’t ask them! Whether it is helping you create a study schedule, advocating alongside you with a teacher, cheering you on at a soccer game, or baking you cookies when you have had a tough day—you will have a trusted adult who is there for you (and for your parents, too!)  This special relationship often continues years beyond your time on campus.

When you come to campus, you will not only be made to feel at home by your advisor, but also the classmates in your advisory group will give you a “built-in family.” You will celebrate, learn, and, yes, sometimes struggle, alongside them, but most importantly you will grow.


Each Advisory consists of four to five girls from different grades. Full Advisory meets for 35 minutes twice a week. Sometimes a specific topic is selected for discussion—possibly a current event or a topic that is important to our students. At other times it could be casual conversation at a local coffee shop.


Advisory groups are intentionally formed to give you the best possible experience with just the right amount of support. You’ll have weekly one-on-one time with your advisor. This scheduled time is designed to allow for a deep dive if needed or just to hang out and get to know one another better.


Special events are scheduled throughout the year. At-Home-Night, when your advisor hosts a dinner for your advisory, is one of the favorites! Some groups cook together at the advisor’s home, others order carryout or go to a restaurant, but all enjoy getting to experience each other’s company in a new setting.


“I cannot say enough about the Advisory Program. It is an integral part of our daughter's life, and we love the communication on her progress both academically and socially. The relationship built between and her advisor relies upon consistency and trust.”  

- PAST Parent