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Oldfields Girls Meet "Bad Boys of Dance"
Oldfields Girls Meet "Bad Boys of Dance"

"Bad Boys of Dance"

On December 4th, the OS dance studio was on fire with talent as the School got the unique privilege of watching Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of Dance rehearse for their upcoming European tour of Rock The Ballet. BBD's mission is to push the boundaries of dancing and to deliver the most exciting dance shows in the world. The professional troupe loved Oldfields’ bright, wonderful space, and the students loved the “close up and personal” experience of having these super talented dancers right here on our campus! It was thrilling to meet the same dancers we cheered for last season on America’s Got Talent!

Thanks to Ms. Hammond-Roemer and her great connections, (she went to the same dance studio as Adrienne Canterna, Resident Director) our students got an insider’s look into a dancer’s career. A special bonus was the question and answer sessions at the end of each class. The performers were honest about the required dedication, the coping with rejection, and the regrets as well as rewards. The good news is that dance careers are lasting much longer than they did in the past when only the very young were at the top of the profession.

Ms.Hammond-Roemer also has a long term connection with Brandon Russell, the company’s operations manager, with whom she used to teach. Brandon has been involved with May Programs, and master classes with OS in the past and will be back this week to teach a master class again!