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Academic Strategies Program Information

Oldfields is recognized for its exceptional ability to offer a challenging and diverse curriculum to each student while providing them with the tools and support they need to be successful. Supporting our students is a critical component of our academic program as demonstrated by a unique academic schedule, extra help periods, proctored study halls, peer tutors, and a dedicated academic support team. Even though Oldfields has an impressive integrated academic support team that is available to every student, some students require more focus on their unique learning style and would benefit from additional individualized attention.

The Academic Strategies Program (ASP) was designed to enhance your student's educational experience in the areas in which they need it most. ASP sessions can be scheduled during the academic day or evening study hall, depending on availability and the discretion of the academic coaches. Sessions are individualized and can include - but are not limited to - additional support for upcoming tests and projects, critical reading strategies, exploring new study methods, and development of organizational and time management skills. As the year progresses and assignments evolve, so do the scope and focus of each session. Our academic coaches bring years of experience and teach skills not only useful at Oldfields, but ones that will also be valuable in college and beyond.

All students are eligible to participate. A student’s academic schedule may limit the ASP options available to them. If you are interested in receiving more information, contact Kerri Husband-McGregor, Director of Academic Strategies Program, at Husbandmck@OldfieldsSchool.org.

In addition, I understand that during the 2022-2023 academic school year, ASP sessions may be in-person or virtual, which will be determined by the School. I understand that based upon the selection above, the fee will be deducted from my daughter's debit account at the beginning of each semester. Further, I understand that during the school year, I may only change the selection at the end of each semester. I will ensure an adequate account balance remains in my daughter's debit account. In the event her debit account does not have sufficient funds, I understand my daughter may be denied the opportunity to participate in the program until her account is replenished. 

I agree to accept the following terms and conditions of this contract:

  1. In committing to the Program, it is expected that the student will attend all sessions. Should a conflict arise, the student should give her Academic Strategies Instructor at least 24 hours notice. If the student misses a session without permission, she may receive a consequence for the missed session per Oldfields Attendance Policy. If the student cancels due to illness, she should inform the Academic Strategies Instructor as soon as possible and provide a note from the school nurse. If for any reason the instructor is unable to attend a session, he/she will contact the student. Proper notification from the instructor will be given via email, phone call, or in person, and the session will be made up during the semester, if at all possible.

  2. Students who are absent from any session without proper notification or who are withdrawn or dismissed from the Program or from Oldfields School, are not entitled to a refund of any portion of the fee.

  3. Oldfields reserves the right unilaterally to cancel the Academic Strategies Program for any reason including inadequate staffing, insufficient student participation, and/or concerns about the safety and welfare of the students. In the event of such cancellation by Oldfields, Oldfields will refund the unused, pro-rata portion of the fee paid based upon the number of sessions provided.

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The Academic Strategies Program shall only be effective when signed by Oldfields School.