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Head of School Search Update

Dear Oldfields Family and Friends,


I hope your summer has been a wonderful memory-filled time for you and your family. It has been busy here at Oldfields as everyone prepares for the new school year.


This summer has been an equally busy one for the Head of School Search Committee and our consultants Dr. Jerry Larson and Dr. John Watson. Jerry and John have been traveling the country meeting with prospective candidates for Oldfields. We all met at Oldfields this past Friday to review an impressive group of applicants. Our focus: the School, the candidates, and honoring our past while looking towards the future.


I am pleased to report that the Committee has narrowed the field down to our semi-finalist candidates. Those semi-finalists will be visiting campus in mid-September to see the School in action and to meet with our Head Search Committee for comprehensive interviews. Because our candidates are currently engaged in leadership positions at their own schools, we have to respect their confidentiality so as not to disrupt their school communities. However, once we have chosen our finalists from this group, we will be sharing the names and brief biographies through the Oldfields website. I will update you after we meet in mid-September with our semi-finalists.


It has been most satisfying to see the overwhelming response we've had to this wonderful leadership opportunity and our School. Jerry and John have talked to or met nearly three dozen highly qualified school leaders throughout this process. It is safe to say that everyone on our Head Search Committee is very excited about the future of Oldfields School.


The Oldfields motto, Fortezza ed Umilitade e Largo Core, is at the heart of every conversation the Head Search Committee has. It is important to all of us to find a Head of School who embraces our history, mission, philosophy and values.


Thank you for your time and input. This is a group effort, and we couldn't do it without your help.


Wishing you all a happy and safe end of summer,

Mia's assistant, Joe Hordubay, and Mia Grosjean '68

Lulu Laubenstein Good '72
Chair, Head Search Committee


Admissions on the Road - Join Us!
Do you know someone who would make a great Oldfields girl? 

There is no better endorsement to a prospective family than one from an Oldfields alumna! That is why the Admission Team wants to share our travel schedule with you! We'll be traveling around the country this fall, and there will be many opportunities for girls recommended by you to learn more about Oldfields! So if you know any teenage girls looking for an amazing high school experience, please share the information or contact us at 410-472-4800! Better yet, bring them by the event yourself and visit with us!
Click here to see when we are visiting your area. >

Jane Isdale Schaefer '52 and Ansley Smithwick with the lobsters!

              Tom Faxon, Stephanie L. Hill, and Shanique Garcia


 ¡Hasta Luego, Senor Anguita!  

There is one very special "keeper of the spirit" who is leaving us this year. It is with very mixed emotions that we say goodbye to an outstanding master teacher who for 28 wonderful years taught science and math to hundreds of Oldfields girls, our very own Justo Anguita.


Throughout all those years, Justo challenged the minds of students with functions, formulas, physics, and algorithms, reminding us nearly every day that women in science are a force to be reckoned with. With his intuitive understanding of young minds and his serious, absolute approach to mathematics and science, Mr. Anguita instilled within his students the drive to continually persevere and succeed. Beyond his influential role with the girls, Justo was also a cherished and loyal friend to the colleagues with whom he worked day in and day out. His sense of humor, his wide smile, and his enthusiasm were contagious.


"This year I struggled a lot with physics – but every time I didn't understand, Mr. Anguita always told me I could do it. He really believed in me…and he is one of the funniest people I have ever met." – Annemeik Cuppen '17


"I will always be grateful for Justo's many contributions to Oldfields over his long and distinguished career as science teacher and ultimately as Science Department Chair. He challenged his students but was always willing to spend whatever time was necessary to help students understand the material. Often it wasn't enough that a student find the "right answer," but it was important that she understand the process of finding the right answer. He exemplified the treasured Oldfields commitment to giving students whatever support they needed outside the classroom. Whatever the academic or community activity, Justo brought to it professionalism, good humor, kindness, and a broad smile. He and Hilary were our closest neighbors in Garden House dormitory during our last decade in the Head's House. We were most grateful that they made such an effort to include us in the life of their Garden House Family." – Hawley Rogers, Headmaster 1976-1997

Read more >


Mr. Anquita with star pupils, Graduation 2017


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Anne Ragland Finney P'97

Director of Development



Joan Carter '81 P'15

Director of Alumnae Affairs





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